Intel’s 11th Gen Core 10nm Mobile Processors: Overview

In a computer system, the processor is an electronic circuit that carries out instructions containing a computer program. It performs basic logic, input/output, arithmetic, and controlling operations stated by the commands in the program.

Recently, Intel has launched its latest 11th generation core 10nm processor, the Latest Fastest processor in Mobile. Also, it has redefined CPU performance for desktop PCs and laptops. Intel is a multinational corporation and tech company based in the USA. With new graphics and core architectures, best-in-class wired and wireless connectivity, advanced tuning features, and AI-based performance boosts, it delivers higher levels of flow and power to support your objectives. Following are the details of the newly launched processors from Intel.


ProcessorBase clock speedGraphicsMax clock speed (all cores)Power rangeMax clock speed (single core)CacheCores / Threads
Core i7-1165G72.8GHzIntel Iris Xe 96 EUs4.1GHz12-28W4.7GHz12MB4/8
Core i7-1185G73.0GHzIntel Iris Xe 96 EUs4.3GHz12-28W4.8GHz12MB4/8
Core i5-1135G72.4GhzIntel Iris Xe 80 EUs3.8GHz12-28W4.2Ghz8MB4/8
Core i3-i3-1115G43.0GHzIntel UHD Graphics 48 EUs4.1GHz12-28W4.1GHz6MB2/4
Core i3-1120G41.1GHzIntel UHD Graphics 48 EUs3.0GHz7-15W3.5GHz8MB4/8


The 11th-generation processors feature PCIe (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express) 4.0, which will provide faster storage and memory performance; thunderbolt four connectivity, intel’s latest Xe architecture, and 32 graphics EU cores. Notably, these muscular chips have fewer graphics cores compared with H35 CPUs. 

These latest processors are claiming up to a 19 % improvement in speed over the last generation of hardware, according to the company. Just like the low-power H-series squad (which are named H35 by the company because of their low thermal profile), the latest chips are constructed on Intel’s 10nm Willow Cove design. This allows for efficient and faster performance than the previous 14nm platform.

Intel claims these 11th gen processors provide the fastest performance (single-threaded) of any mobile chip. The top of the pile is an eight-core CPU, i9-11980HK, that can reach 5GHz crossways two cores with turbo boost tech 3.0 from Intel. Also, it can accomplish 4.5GHz through all of the cores, which would help challenge multithreaded apps like 3D rendering and video editing. Within the limits of your system’s case, you will be able to overclock it according to your content as the 11980HK is fully unlocked.


Along with these unveilings, Intel also delivers benchmark numbers of Mobile Processor List by Performance. However, we can confirm the fresh processor enhancements: as we noticed in prior Tiger Lake computers, Intel provides up to 19 percent better performance than the previous generation. 

For laptops computers with lesser performance requirements, the new processors have four chips with a range of power from 7Watts to 15 Watts. The Core i5-1130G7 and Core i7-1160G7 are both eight-thread chips quad-core processors, with XE Iris graphics along with 96 EUs. The Core i7 has a cache memory of 12MB, whereas the i5 has 8MB of cache. 

In this evaluation, Intel differentiates Comet Lake-H to Tiger Lake-H, which is a copy of Intel’s 6th gen design. But it may be worth observing that comparison against Lake-H Comet is not a comparison of Intel’s architecture in chronological order. The one and only reason Intel is not comparing to Ice Lake in its gadget’s comparisons are; at 15 W, Ice Lake against Tiger Lake 45W is too large a power difference, and mainly a frequency difference will take Tiger Lake developed.

Intel’s benchmarks result against AMD are a bit complicated, given it is difficult to compare laptop-vs-microcomputer given that dissimilar designs will have diverse improvements points. Though in comparison with an RTX 3080, with all cooling features and settings of fans set to max, Intel is declaring 20 percent better gaming performance on average with a 45 W Ryzen 9 5900HX against a 65 W Core i9-11980HK, or performance comparison a 35 W Ryzen 9 5900HS and 45W Core i5-11400H.


With the latest Iris Xe GPUs, Best Intel Mobile Processor, the new launch has enhanced the game. Based on Xe-LP architecture from Intel, the latest processors provide double the output of Iris Plus GPUs. Ice Lake chips come with 64 EUs, whereas the top-end chips from Tiger Lake have Xe GPU along with 96 EUs. In our opinion, Iris might just run some latest games, although with some lower settings and weak frame rates. 

Intel showed graphics of a gamer playing Counter-Strike with Iris graphics. Moreover, modern games like Far cry, Borderland 3, and Hitman 2 will be playable at full HD (1080p). Intel is not promising that such games will be running, but they seemed to be offering acceptable graphics. Also, the company claims that Iris Xe defeats the graphics (integrated) of the Ryzen 7 4800U. Also, Iris outperforms laptop systems with MX350 GPU from Nvidia when linked with 10th generation Intel processors. Now, these will be Intel’s benchmarks, so we will require our own testing to understand if Xe holds up to this claim of Intel’s; however, the signs are confident.

Availability and Timescale 

About their latest launch, Intel states that there are more than 80 enthusiast architectures with Lake-H Tiger, though accurately how much will be accessible currently is unidentified.  We doubt that the designs will come at the end of this year. Moreover, Intel lists around 1,000,000 units of TGL-H CPUs shipped to its Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partners.

Usually, Intel discloses some of the critical partner designs alongside the unveiling, but this is not happening this time. The processors are being launched globally, but the official launch event is held in China, and one day after that, announced in the US. We can hope that these 11th generation 10nm processors will be available to us for more testing. 

Final Verdict

We do not actually tell if Intel’s statements are valid until or unless we test the latest Processors. Only time will tell if these are going to be worth buying or not.