Instructions for participating in the game shooting fish at THABET CASINO

Shooting Tam Tien is one of the most popular games at THABET CASINO. The game has rules and regulations that are not too difficult to understand, and anyone can easily get used to. Do you know how to play the weapons and choose the right room? All information about the game has been updated below.

With a simple game method, players will only need about 1 minute to create an account and start playing. Moreover, the game is designed with meticulous sound and graphics, helping gamers get the best sensory experience. In particular, the game is not limited to devices, allowing gamers to download or play directly on ipads, phones, computers, etc.

  • Step 1: First, you need to log in to your account at THABET CASINO, page. If not, please create by filling in complete and accurate information.
  • Step 2: Deposit money into your account to convert to points and can participate in games here. At THABET CASINO convention every 1,000 VND = 1 point.
  • Step 3: At the main interface of the game, select “SHOOT FISH” and then select the DS lobby.

Step 4: Click on the box “TRANSFER POINTS” and enter the number of points as you like, or you can also choose “TRANSFER ALL” if you want to transfer all the money in the main account to the fish shooting game account.

tam tien ban ca

Step 5: After that, the screen will redirect to the game interface and there will be betting rooms for you to choose from. Each room is equivalent to a different bet score, choose to join a room that matches the amount and experience you have.

game ban ca tam tien online

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Rules of playing the game shooting fish at THABET CASINO

In general, the rules of playing in the game of shooting fish at THABET CASINO are not too many. However, players still need to know well to make the battle process more convenient, without making unnecessary mistakes.

Rules of game

The rules of the fish shooting game are not too complicated, anyone can easily get used to it after just a few games. Players will need to deposit their bets and aim properly at the fish on the screen. If you hit it, you will receive a corresponding bonus, each type of fish will have a different bonus amount. If the shot is missed, the amount charged to buy ammunition will not be refunded.


Currently, the DS fish shooting game has 3 shooting rooms, corresponding to 3 levels from small to large. The Du Da room costs 0.1 points for a bullet, the Phat Tai room costs 1 point per bullet and the Cu Phu room costs 10 points per bullet.

For gamers who are just starting to play, it is recommended to choose a small bet to facilitate the experience of the game and from there you can find a suitable playing style and strategy. When you are experienced, you should gradually increase the bet level with a higher bet room and bring yourself more valuable loot.


Instructions to play the game shooting fish at THABET CASINO have been fully updated here. Hopefully through the above article, you can understand the rules of the game and enter the game quickly.