Install Solar Lights for a Brighter Tomorrow

What are Solar Lights?

The use of solar power began very early in 1891 with the introduction of solar heating. During the 1940’s, solar energy began to be utilized on a larger scale. However, the cost was too high to make it popular and as widely used as it should have been. It was only after 1970 that new advancements in the field improved the methods of using solar energy. With the development in the photovoltaic cells, solar power became an important source of power. The increase in the popularity of solar-powered appliances saw higher demand for LED Cooler lights. These sun-powered lights provide a more efficient and useful alternative to the electricity powered lights.

Best Solar lights are powered by a system of solar cells that are connected in the form of one unit and known as the solar panel. The size and number of the solar panels is dictated by the utility that is being provided the power. For smaller lights like pathway solar lights or lantern solar lights, the solar panel is smaller as compared to other larger pieces of equipment. Sometimes, just one solar panel is used for smaller lights whereas larger lights or utilities may use a combination of many panels, called a solar or photovoltaic array, to provide the required energy.

The Photovoltaic Effect contributes to the ability to use the sun’s energy to power different devices. The term “photovoltaic” refers to the process of solar energy being converted into voltages inside the panel’s cells. These cells are usually made of a silicone based material to provide maximum conduction of electrical charge. When the sun’s energy enters these cells, the Photovoltaic Effect begins to convert this energy into electrical energy that is then stored in the panel’s battery.

If explained in simple terms, a number of small solar cells absorb and save the energy of the sunlight and charge the batteries of the solar lights. After sunset, these batteries are automatically turned on and use the solar battery to keep the lights on through the night or according to the quantity of power they have saved.

Solar panels come in all shapes and sizes in addition to choices in the power they provide. Whatever application you wish to use will help to determine the output required. The solar panel needs to be weather proof and efficient. Most solar appliance providers will ensure a ten-year warranty, however, the user’s care and handling makes all the difference.

It is worth noting that the usual items in solar lights installations are the light itself, the photovoltaic array of solar panels, batteries, the wiring for interconnection and an inverter. The most popular use of solar power has so far been in outside solar lights like the pole solar lights that are usually installed in streets. Like most things, the cost is an important element in determining whether you will buy or not.

If you go for cheap solar lights, the odds are that you will get what you pay for. Buying something that is cheap may prove to be expensive after a few years. The efficiency and durability of the solar panels and the accompanying batteries depends, obviously, on the standard of materials used for their construction. Therefore, where an expensive installation may cost more, it will definitely last longer.

Types of Solar Lights:

Different types of Solar Lights are available in the market such as. 

  • Solar Security Lights
  • Solar string lights 
  • Solar step lights
  • Solar wall lights 
  • Solar lantanas 
  • Solar pole lights
  • Solar post lights

All types of solar lights serve the human beings in different ways but Solar Powered Security Light is most practical.

Solar Powered Security Light

The modern world is quite an ambiguous entity. On one hand, it is a highly unsafe place while on the other we have more technologically advanced security systems than ever before. Keeping in mind this dual nature of the world at large and your own street in particular, it is essential that you have some kind of plan to ensure the safety of your home and family. One basic element of your plan will definitely be outdoor lighting and should include solar powered security light systems.

The need to illuminate your garden and yard cannot be emphasized enough when it comes to securing your home. Most prowlers and intruders will choose a house with a dark garden or yard. These provide them with ideal hidden vantage points from where to survey the routine of that household and decide on potentially ideal break-in times. Additionally, dark driveways, entrances and unlighted garden spots are a dangerously easy way for them to creep up to your home unseen. In contrast, well-lighted areas outside a house act as deterrents for the burglar. Therefore, it is mandatory, for your safety, to install lights in such areas around your home.

Having decided to light your yard, garden and outer wall or hedge, you might want to look into solar powered security lights. An unsurprisingly large number of people are beginning to seriously consider solar powered security lighting as a viable option. What is surprising is that they do so after they, or an acquaintance, have been a victim of a burglary. People who already have electric lights installed outside their homes have also been attacked or robbed. So, why didn’t the light help them, you ask. Here is the surprising, and perhaps shocking, truth: many people do not want to waste electricity by keeping the lights on all night “just” to provide visibility. So, what this large number of energy savers does is turn off the outdoor lights at night. Yes, that is what many of those people used to do before they were burgled.

A solar powered outdoor security light uses no electricity, so it contributes absolutely nothing to your bill. These lights collect and store the sun’s energy during the day and use it during the night. Therefore, they are the perfect answer to all your monetary worries.

The market will provide you with a large choice of designs to choose from. Additionally, different manufacturers will boast of unique features in their product. It will be useful to do a bit of research about the kinds of lights available and their uses. For instance, the solar powered LED security light and motion detector is a wonderful product. It is suitable for most houses and can be mounted on a pole, a post or on the roof. The built in motion detector detects any movement around its radius and automatically turns on the light. Any solar powered motion security light usually has all of these features but what makes this one better than the others is its bright light. With 15pcs of LED lighting, it brightens the whole area as well as any electric light.

Investing in a solar powered security light is a sound option. However, before you acquire one, do look about all the dark areas in your home to decide where you need lighting so you can choose what the best selection would be.