Instagram Likes: The New Frontier of Social Media Marketing

Launched on 6th October 2010, Instagram is a Social Media platform focused on sharing images, albums, and short videos. With audiences reaching just over 800 million users, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Instagram has quickly become the most suitable platform for Social Media Marketing today. You can even buy real instagram likes to ensure your posts are recommended to as many people as possible.

If we ended it there, though, this would be really, really short, wouldn’t it? Below, we’ll explore some of the biggest things that make Instagram one of the best platforms for Social Media Marketing today!

An Introduction to Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the most popular form of marketing today, capable of generating hundreds, if not thousands, of leads within hours of the tweet or post. Regardless of how difficult it might seem when hearing about the concept for the first time, SMM doesn’t require anything more than having an active online presence. And, well, let’s be honest for a second: if your business doesn’t have an online presence… it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. An online presence gives you an easy, convenient way to build up an interested audience and communicate with them through stories, posts, and comments. 

Choosing the Right Platform for SMM

Depending on the platform being used, you always have various options with Social Media Marketing: you can use images and videos to create campaigns for your products or even pay popular influencers to endorse your products. When it comes to platforms, you’ve got an equally large variety of choices. Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Google Ads, and one of the best platforms to market your product on these days, Instagram!

What makes Instagram so good, you ask? Keep reading to know the answer (or should we say answers?).

Instagram: Telling Your Story, The Way You Want To

We could tell you that it’s the images-and-video focus of Instagram that makes it so good. We could also say just that about how easy it is to get Instagram likes today. But, to be honest, there’s no precise answer to what makes Instagram such a good platform for Social Media Marketing. Instead, a host of helpful factors make this image-sharing platform as golden an opportunity as it is. 

Some features of this platform stand out as the most helpful for building up and communicating with an audience, like:

  1. Instagram Stories: These are awesome for taking a direct approach to talking with your audience, and with stickers, shoppable tags, and other things, it’s also a singularly great way to promote your products.
  2. Hashtags: Hashtags aren’t exclusive to Instagram but contribute significantly to its dominance in SMM. Indicated by the ‘#’ symbol, when a user adds a hashtag to their post, other users who used that hashtag can see that post too. This allows brands and companies to quickly build up an audience by letting their fans and consumers have an easier time finding and communicating with each other. 


All of that’s cool, but if your posts don’t get likes, it’s going to be increasingly challenging to get significant returns on your Instagram marketing investments. Not to worry, though: there’s an easy solution. Today, you can easily buy likes on instagram and shares in the hundreds from many companies that specialize in providing these. And the best part? You need to spend just a couple of dollars for the best results!