You may have been considering getting laser eye surgery since you often do makeup videos or take sassy photos on social media. Often you end up wearing contact lenses that dry out your eyes and, worse, give you an eye infection.

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These influencers decided to ditch the glasses and contacts and got laser eye surgery, and they have no problem filming in the rain, water, or snow or doing their makeup tutorials. See their cool stories below.

Habiba Da Silva @lifelongpercussion

Her vision has always been problematic, and she has worn glasses ever since she can remember. Being a social media influencer, she has rocked Instagram with 800,000 followers.

Make-up and style are the focus of her posts. “I’ve always loved wearing make-up, and glasses have really restricted my vision as well as my ability to see my make-up. Rather than wearing glasses or contact lenses, I have always wanted to do something permanent for my vision.”

The speed at which the process was completed surprised and delighted her. “I think I spent 8 minutes in the surgery room!” The procedure was quick. It only took me an hour to get back home. I was reassured that everything was okay by the nurse when she held my hand. The treatment I received from the staff was really, really good.”

Habiba started to see the world differently after taking a quick nap at home on the same day as treatment. I could see. I have a memory of walking around the house, staying far away from objects to test how well I could see. When I realized this really is working, that was the moment I really felt things were moving forward.”

Laura Gilmour @ lauragilmour

For Laura Gilmour, a social media influencer focusing on fashion and beauty, wearing contact lenses is a must. However, she felt tired, and her eyes were dry.

As a contact lens wearer, from the moment I woke up until the moment I went to bed, I suffered from very dry eyes and always felt tired. I underwent laser eye surgery to fix this. It wasn’t fun, so laser eye surgery was the best option for me. I now have better than 20/20 vision.

Laura’s eyesight has improved dramatically since she had laser eye surgery, allowing her to do more of the things she enjoys. As a result of wearing contact lenses or glasses, I could not enjoy the things I used to enjoy ten years ago. For example, I used to love swimming when I was young, but it wasn’t an option as I started wearing contact lenses at 13. Thanks to my new eyes, I can swim whenever I want!

Bhasha Mukherjee @ bhashamukherjee

Miss England 2019/2020 has struggled with contact lenses and glasses for over 15 years. Her career as a model and doctor has been hindered by wearing contact lenses and glasses since she was ten.

After being crowned Miss England in 2019, Bhasha competed in the prestigious Miss World competition. Despite this, she was forced to wear glasses for the Miss World finale because of an eye infection caused by extensive use of contact lenses.

She feels more confident after laser eye surgery and no longer wears contacts or worries about dry eyes.

Jessie Andrade @mister_jams

Mister_jams has to spend hours in front of the camera and wear glasses while he’s an influencer, but that’s his reality. The use of visual aids wasn’t doing him any favors as an influencer, whether it was wearing glasses while recording videos of hot, steaming foods or being trapped in the rain and unable to see.

I could not see when jogging, shooting videos outside when it rained, or even walking to the car with my glasses wet, and I had to dry them after they got wet. Once my vision was corrected, I could see clearly and enjoy life more. I would have to stop to clean my glasses when recording a video while eating hot/steamy food. These issues have improved since getting this procedure.”

It’s easy to relate to these everyday nuisances even if you aren’t an influencer. It is beyond frustrating to wear glasses in the rain. Whether you wear contact lenses, excessive dryness or slipping contacts can result in irritation.


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