Inbound Lead Generation – What Is It and How Does It Work?

King Kong’s online lead generation strategy has resulted in providing content, advertising, and campaigns that attract visitors to your website. This allows you to offer incentives, create valuable content, and even offer email follow-ups that people can choose to interact with. It is a passive way to gain many new contacts and leads. 

Lead-Generating Content

Create solid content that provides viewers with information that is useful to them and can help improve their lives in any small way. This will encourage them to interact with your page, and by creating accounts, signing up for emails, and leaving comments, they are providing you with new leads and contacts. When content is interactive, it will gather more information from readers, provide feedback on what they need and want from a site, and gather contact information. 

Social Media Marketing

Using social media for marketing opens a new way for a community to build and for interactions to take place. This offers many ways in which people can interact with each other as well as the brand, and leaving comments, likes, or questions provides ways for the brand or business to reach back and respond to them. Increasing such interactions provides not only leads but an opportunity to follow up on those leads in the same way they contact the brand. Each comment is another lead generated, each question a new lead interacting, and it can avoid cold leads that don’t want to be contacted. Social media also offers a bigger space for creativity and larger risk-taking, as it is an entirely different way to interact with people. Using different approaches, videos, questions, polls, and more are easily done through social media channels, and with easy sharing of posts, word of mouth, support can grow quickly and easily. 

Blog Posts

Blogs are one of the ways that allow brands and small businesses to offer advice, guidance, and suggestions to anyone who finds them. It can create a sense of trust when valuable information is provided and will increase the likelihood of them using these products or services. They create better search engine results, bring more people in, and anyone who comments, asks a question, or interacts in another way is creating an inbound lead with their contact information. It allows for the customer to make the first contact and to control interactions going forward. 

Call To Action

Call to action is a term that is used when referring to a request, direction, or suggestion for an action to be taken by the customer. This can include signing up for an email, creating a visitor account, downloading a sample, ordering a product, or booking a service. They can be used for almost any activity that would improve the relationship with the business or the brand. A call to action encourages interaction and provides guidance on how to become more involved. Each of these actions will provide a lead for the company.