Improve Your Home Office With These Cheap Upgrades

Working from home has become the norm. So many employees are now working from home, and some of them even chose to quit so they can work from home as freelancers. Now, the main problem with working from home is people often make do with what they already have. But why settle for less when you can get more? 

In this article, I have some great tips that you can use to improve your home office. Not only that, but the tips here involve cheap upgrades. So you can get a better home office without breaking the bank.

Prioritize your chair

According to The Local Warner, the office chair is one of the most important items in the office. Without a comfortable chair, you won’t be able to sit down and focus on your work. Your productivity will go down, and your back will be in pain after a few hours. This is why you should prioritize getting the best chair before anything else.

I know that office chairs can be rather pricey. But you don’t have to get the most expensive chair in the store. First thing first, you need a herman miller aeron classic chair that can support your lumbar. This way, you can sit with your back straight for long hours without feeling pain. Next, choose a chair that has adjustable armrests. Other important features that you should remember are adjustable height, soft cushion, and easy-to-clean material.

Now a table

The table is probably where you have a lot of freedom when it comes to options. There are simply too many options on the market, but this is a good thing for you. When choosing a table, consider the width, height, and length first. Don’t choose a table that is too high or low; just make sure it is high enough so you can work with your back straight.

 The material is also going to be important. I know some people who can’t stand glass table, while others love it. Then figure out if you are going to need an adjustable table or not. An adjustable table allows you to work while standing up. This is apparently useful if you don’t want to be forced to sit down while working.

Some quality speakers

The best thing about working from home is that you have all the privacy you can get. You are free to work however you want as long as you can produce desirable results. This means that you can work while listening to music. So why not get some quality speakers to bump productive tunes? Speakers nowadays are so cheap yet durable and work well. You can get a pair of Bluetooth speakers if you want wireless speakers. 

A desk lamp

It’s not good to work in the dark. Before we get to talk about a desk lamp, please upgrade the light in your office first. Get a light bulb that is bright enough so you can work without squinting your eyes. After you’re done with that, it’s time to get a decent desk lamp.

Get a simple soft light desk lamp to protect your eyes. A soft glow gives your work environment that cosy feeling that could contribute to less stressful work life. A desk lamp could also make your desk look prettier.

All the natural lights

Speaking of lighting, we can’t ignore natural light. You will most likely work in your home office during the day and all throughout the afternoon. This is the perfect chance to get all the natural light while you are working. A complete contrast to working in an office building.

So open up your windows and blinds, and let the natural light in, well, naturally. Believe me, the difference natural light can make is a lot. Your brain will thank you for it, too. Placing mirrors in strategic places that can bounce the light is also an amazing idea.


See how simple it is to upgrade your home office? You clearly don’t need to spend a lot of time and money to get a better home office. This can be a fun and exciting side project for you at home. So make a list of things you can upgrade and get to work.