Improve Your Business Sales with New Email Marketing Technologies

Email marketing is one of the oldest methods of online marketing that remains relevant to date. The number of email users has grown to nearly half of the global population. Statistics show the number of emails sent daily exceeds 293 billion. These numbers might be both enticing and worrying to marketers. 

They are enticing because a marketer has such a large pool of audiences to reach out to through email marketing. It is worrying because such a large volume of emails sent daily makes it hard for their target audience to find them. A business needs to use new technologies in marketing to make email marketing profitable.

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Send mobile-friendly emails

According to GSMA intelligence, there are about 5.29 billion mobile phone users globally. Going with that number, a large number of users access emails on their mobile phones. Smartphones are used to access the internet and marketers can capitalize on this fact and create mobile-friendly emails. 

Research by Litmus shows that 71% of mobile phone users delete emails that fail to display correctly. An email that is not mobile phone friendly will not open on a smartphone and might end up being deleted.  

Use email segmentation

Segmentation means dividing your emails into small segments according to customer categories/criteria. When segmenting, you might choose to divide your segments according to subscribers’ geographic location, work, hobbies, purchasing behavior, age, sex, etc. 

After segmenting, write a customized email relevant to each segment. That means you will have a separate marketing email for each. Create a heading that will capture your target segment immediately after the email lands in their inbox. For writing and editing part, you can try professional writers who provide help with college paper writing and web content.

Be selective in your email lists

One of the old methods many email marketers have used is to send emails to everyone in their email lists. They do the same when segmenting and segments everyone in their lists. This method mostly works against your email marketing strategies.

The digital marketing head at Essayontime says that it might pay off to do an overhaul of your email lists and remove any email address that doesn’t add value or might not add value to your business. To send too many unsolicited and irrelevant emails at once works against your IP reputation. It will also be a loss to you in terms of time and money because most of your emails will never be opened. 

Use organic leads

Organic leads are people who find your website when searching for products or services. The person might not have prior knowledge about the existence of your website but only learns about it during a search. 

To generate organic leads, publish content with strategic keywords. Make your content valuable and often publish to help rank your page better. Use links to direct traffic to your website and engaging content such as videos and images. 

Send personalized emails

Research shows personalized emails are likely to be opened than non-personalized. They also have a higher conversion rate compared to other types of emails. Create emails that include the name of the recipient. 

Include an encouraging message to help them decide to buy or to link your links. Experts warn misusing personalized emails because might produce negative results. To misuse is to overuse the recipient’s name. 

Increase email deliverability

There are chances that your marketing emails fail to get delivered. If your emails are not reaching your target audience, your email marketing campaigns might fail. Sometimes your might be notified of failure for delivery, but there are other times you will never get to be notified. 

There are many strategies you can use to increase your email deliverability. At all costs, avoid writing spammy email subjects and authenticate your email domain. Don’t keep suspect email addresses in your lists and keep a proper IP allocation. Do not write emails that search engines will suspect as spam mails. 

Build your email lists

You get better results when you have a large email list. If you can only reach out to a few people, you will get poor results. Some of the methods you can use to build your email lists are to send invitations to subscribe emails and post content with links on social media. 

You may also start a referral or loyalty program, have a program for discounts, deals, post attractive content, etc. As you build your email lists, keep them segmented to help you send personalized and relevant emails. 

Focus on content creation

Anytime you send email marketing content to your audience, the kind reaction you will receive will depend on the content you send. Before you send an email, ask yourself a few questions to help you measure the response you might get. 

Ask whether the content is relevant to the recipient. If it’s not, adjust your content having the recipient in mind. Ask whether the content is attractive. Your content might be relevant but boring. Create content that is attractive by giving it the right value and quality. 

Finally, ask why you are sending that email. In other words, describe your purpose in your mind and bring that picture into the email content. Think whether you want more leads, clicks, traffic, or purchases. 


If your email subscriber base exceeds 500, you will notice a difference in your email marketing strategies. Email marketing is one of the oldest methods of marketing that is still relevant today. Despite the competition, you can boost your email marketing strategies by creating personalized emails. Build your email lists, create value-added content, and use organic leads. Increase your email deliverability, use email segmentation, and occasionally overhaul your email lists.