Important Qualities When Hiring A Forklift Driver

Every business requires skilled and experienced forklift drivers for the storage of packages in their warehouses. In addition to storing, organizing, and distributing heavy loads, forklift operators can improve workplace productivity by using industrial equipment. They also maintain the workload, keep worksite risks at bay, and plan effectively. 

Apart from loading and unloading heavy packages, a forklift driver should be able to make decisions quickly, deal with vendors, and keep the forklift in good condition. 

Looking for forklift drivers in Melbourne can be hard, but if you narrow down the characteristics, you can find the perfect one. We have listed the essential skills that you need to check before hiring a forklift driver. Let’s see what these are. 

7 Qualities To Look For In A Forklift Driver

Besides experience in the field, there are other skills that you need to consider when hiring a forklift driver. All these characteristics when combined will provide you with the perfect forklift driver. This is essential to run speedy warehouse and shipment site operations and avoid any accidents. 

  1. Ability To Take Decisions Quickly

It is not necessary that the forklifts will be loading and unloading the same type and the same number of packages daily. Therefore, they should be able to adapt to changing plans daily and work accordingly. Even if the number of packages is higher a day, they should work out means to do the work quickly and efficiently instead of lingering it the whole day. 

Therefore, when hiring the fork lifter, make sure to identify their decisive thinking ability. This will help them work effectively in a dynamic environment without panicking. Precisely, they should adapt quickly to the conditions and carry out the entrusted work. 

  1. Good Communication Skills

Having good communication skills is essential especially as the forklift driver has to deal with vendors, and customers, and give instructions to the staff. They must have the ability to deal with every type of assignment and give required instructions to the team wisely. Lastly, it is essential to boost the morale of the team during a hectic work day, and this is possible by the use of good communication skills. 

Besides having oral communication skills, written communication skills are as important. A forklift driver will have to sign orders, fill in timesheets, and provide work reports. All this is possible if the forklift driver has excellent communication skills. 

  1. Ability To Understand Computerized Process

The forklift machines seem complex due to the intricate computerized system. Therefore, it is good to look for a driver who can understand the computerized instructions and operate the forklift effectively.

Apart from this, they will have to fill out electronic timesheets, operate e-log orders, and communicate via email. This is only possible if they understand computerized processes. 

  1. Ability To Work Well Under Pressure

Thriving under pressure is an essential characteristic that is needed in every job be it field work or office work. However, it is especially essential when you have to work under all types of climatic conditions and lead a team effectively. 

Therefore, a forklift driver should not succumb to pressure and devise effective techniques to deal with it swiftly. If they give up when the workload increases or the weather gets harsh, the business process will come to a halt. Hence, they need to give consistent performance whatever the type of work entrusted. 

  1. Consider Safety Importance

Forklift drivers need to make safety their top priority. They work with heavy machinery and loaded cartons. Slight negligence can lead to major accidents. Moreover, when working with machinery in a staff-studded environment, it is essential to make sure that the forklift works well. 

For this, the forklift driver should check its engines and brakes regularly and make sure that the forklift is in perfect condition at all times. Any damages, especially to the brakes or the lifting panel can result in bad work hazards. Therefore, only a driver who considers safety a priority should be hired.

  1. Good Organization Skills

Good organizational skills are a bonus when you are hiring a forklift driver. These are needed because they are not only required for loading and unloading packages but should be able to keep all the required documents handy and organized. They should know the dates and timings of each shipment and should be ready for that. 

Lastly, they should devise techniques to stack and move the packages around effectively. When unloading, they should be able to stack the packages in the right way so that they do not fall off if a new one is put on them. 

  1. Good Basic Math Skills

When operating a forklift, basic math skills come into play. Thus, the forklift driver should be able to understand whether the weight of the package is compatible with the machinery’s loading and unloading capabilities or not. They should be able to calculate freight prices, shipment costs, and other operating costs quickly. 

Duties Of A Forklift Driver

There are several duties of a forklift driver. Some of these are mentioned below.

  • Maintenance of forklifts
  • Receiving and storage of the shipment packages
  • Keeping a record of all the incoming and outgoing shipments
  • Record of the number of packages and the type of material present in the warehouse
  • Ensuring safe work practices


Hiring a good forklift driver will enhance the working processes of your warehouse. They are responsible for almost everything regarding the shipments and therefore their expertise in the area will help you in taking your business to another level. Good storage of the merchandise as per environmental conditions will help you save a lot of bucks. Therefore, hiring an expert forklift driver is inevitable for your business.