Impacts of digital marketing on the popularity of traditional marketing

Digital marketing is the modern way of promoting and enhancing your business. Gone are the days where you had to rely on marketing agencies to run traditional campaigns for you. Traditional or physical marketing is still in practice in remote areas across the globe but you must know that digital marketing has seriously affected the popularity of traditional marketing. Today markers have lost interest in traditional marketing and promotions and this is all because of the ease that comes with electronic means of marketing. If you want to know why digital marketing has damaged the popularity of traditional marketing then we would suggest you read the advantages of going with the digital method.

Advantages of digital marketing and its impacts on traditional marketing!

In this section you are going to learn about the benefits that you can enjoy as a marketer with digitalization. After reading the benefits you would understand how and why it has affected the popularity of the traditional ways of marketing.

Cost factor 

If you are running a business then you would know that the biggest expense and financial burden on a brand is its promotion and advertisements. Big business enterprises would spend millions of dollars every year in order to promote their brands but you must know that small businesses cannot afford to promote their businesses the traditional way. This is why today people prefer to go for digital marketing instead of traditional ways of promotions. Digital marketing is ten times cheaper than traditional marketing which has made a lot of impact on the popularity of the later one. Also know that digital marketing also has a more reach and long term results.

Security and Privacy 

In traditional marketing there is no such way to find out whether your competitors are stealing your content or services. But you must know in digital marketing you can easily privatize your content. The best example is plagiarism checker that can assure that your content is unique from everyone and is vastly used in content marketing. Content marketing is the most effective type of digital marketing. With content writing or blogging you can easily increase your brand visibility and can simply promote your services and products. A free plagiarism checker can help you check whether your content has similarities with other sources or is 100% unique. The plagiarism tools also help you find out whether your competitors are stealing from you and the biggest advantage is that this plagiarism detector is available for free and as well as has pro features for everyone.

Return on investment (ROI)

As a businessman you would also be interested in getting maximum return on your investment. Well you must know that digital marketing can get you a substantial amount of return for your business if you compare it with traditional marketing. Putting an ad on billboards is more expensive and it targets fewer customers whereas if you run an ad on Facebook using paid campaigns then you can reach millions of people which fall into your target audience. This increases the chances of you making more sales and loyal customers.

Easy to track and measure

There is no such way to find out how many customers have seen billboards and banners that you see in traditional marketing and this is one of the biggest disadvantages of physical marketing. Digital marketing on the other hand is measurable and track-able. You can easily find out how well an advertisement is performing and how many people have visited your site because of the electronic ads. This is what makes digital marketing more popular.

Precise and fruitful targeting 

As a businessman it is important for you to understand that your business is not and cannot be for everyone. Every business has its targeted market in which they can perform. In traditional marketing campaigns you cannot target your customers in an effective way which seriously affects its impact. On the other hand with digital marketing you can easily target the audience in a precise manner. Today you can run targeted campaigns with the help of keywords and other elements which can help you find the people who are interested in the niche you are working on.

Global reach

With traditional marketing you can only reach out to the people of a specific area and for a specific time. But with digital marketing and branding you can easily reach out to potential customers from all across the globe. Creating your brand’s website, blog and social media accounts is the best way to globalize your biz.


All of the benefits that we have listed above would have made you understand how popular digital marketing has become over the past few years. According to stats from a credible web source, more than 70% of businesses from all across the globe are relying on digital marketing campaigns instead of relying on traditional and old ways of promotions. To sum all the benefits in one sentence, digital marketing is simpler, cost-effective, and friendly plus it can get you more returns!