Identification for Hardware – MAC Address

Media Access Control address or MAC address for short is an identification like an IP address. It is the identification created by the manufacturers of hardware devices. Every Household has a router that connects them to the network this router has its own MAC address. People use MAC address lookup to know about their address and use it for different purposes.

The MAC address can allow a person to connect to specific networks that have security attached to it. People do not consider the MAC address important because it is simply the identification of a device.

Address Check

Since MAC address is a device identity people can use multiple tools to check it. The address allows you to gain information about the manufacturer of it along with where it is currently being used. People use address lookup to know about their identification to fully control the connection attached to it.

Outsiders can gain a connection to your network by simply knowing the MAC address of your router device. This is why people consider changing the address since others can gain the traffic that you should be receiving. This can be disastrous, especially in sectors like businesses where website traffic generates results and income.

Traffic Control

Those that have access to their MAC address can utilize it in a way that only specified people may benefit from it. A list of IP addresses and MAC addresses can be made which will make it easy for the user to regulate their device traffic. Only the specified address can gain access to the router making it difficult for outsiders to get into it.

Masking the Address

Hackers use the address identification of others to stay clear of trouble. They are experts and can gain access to your MAC address easily. Masking your MAC address allows you to have privacy protection to your data. Masking the MAC address is legal and better than changing the address. Changing the address can get you an address similar to what another device is using.

Imitating the identity of another device can cause trouble for the owner of the device. The owner may also get access to your files that you consider private. Masking your device allows users to have protection and prevent the theft of resources.


Users that are performing dangerous tasks on the internet prefer to remain hidden. A network’s address can give away the location and data about the user which can put them in trouble. They use different techniques to hide behind false MAC addresses which prevent authorities to find their location.

Hackers do this to shift blame to other people and stay safe making others suffer the consequence of their actions. People use apps because some applications do not work in their regions or countries. By using simple apps, they can gain access to websites that are restricted in their area.

Current MAC address

Before anyone can customize the current MAC address you must know what it is. Finding the MAC address is simple as a few steps must be taken to gain access to your MAC address.

  • Click on the window button on the lower left of the window the start menu will open.
  • In the search bar write cmd.exe. and press enter. A black console window by the name of Windows Command Prompt will open.
  • On the line with blinking underscore type Command “getmac” and press enter.
  • The user will get their MAC address under the prompt of physical address.

Change MAC address

Changing the MAC address is done by people to keep their network safe. Threats to the network can be avoided by simply changing the MAC address making it safer from malware and virus induction.

  • Press the start menu and select the control panel. This will open a separate file.
  • The Control panel contain the options to customize all setting on the computer. System network settings can be found in the “Network and Internet” option.
  • A sub-menu will open showing three options so click on “Network and Sharing Center”. This will display all information related to the network.
  • The result will show the general setting of your network connections.
  • Click on “change adapter setting” to access the setting on your network card.
  • Select the network which you desire to change in the overview.
  • Double click on it to open the network status.
  • The properties option will ask for administrative authority to make any change to the setting.
  • To open network card settings click on the “Config” button.
  • In the “Advance” option the “Locally Administered Address” will show a string of values that will be the MAC address.
  • Select the “Not Present” option and change the value to a 12-character string and click the “OK” button.


Mac address lookup is used by people to find their identity without having any problems. A simple command in a command prompt can find the address in any version of windows.