Ideas to customize lip gloss boxes for your brand

There is an increasing rise in the popularity and sales of cosmetics and skincare with changing standards of fashion and style. There has been a huge evolution in the skincare and cosmetic industry to meet the needs of the masses regarding these products. Lip gloss is one such item that is a very vital element of makeup. There are various categories of makeup items that are in use by people, mainly women. Some of these products are for daily use while women use others for special occasions. In this post, I will discuss one of the daily use makeup items that are lip gloss. We will also talk about the lip gloss boxes and how you can make custom Lip Gloss Packaging boxes for your brand.

What is lip gloss?

Lip gloss as we know is an item of everyday use. Women like to keep lip gloss inside their bags for their routine use. This is because a lip gloss box brings instant glam to the look of a person. The main aim of lip gloss is to bring shine and glossy touch to the lips. This shine gives a lift to the lips and makes them look soft and sparkly. Although they may contain a little amount of color or tint unlike lipstick, lip gloss is not meant to change the color of lips. However, you can use them to overcoat on top of your lipstick. Alone, lip gloss simply gives a gleaming appearance to your lips.

Composition of lip gloss

Lip gloss contains ingredients that make them thick and glow so that they enhance the lips without getting too sticky or flowy. They contain waxes, oils, and pigments and may also contain little to no tint. They sometimes also contain shimmers and glitters to increase the sheen on the lips. Apart from that lip gloss contains several contents that increase hydration and smoothness of the lips. This makes lip gloss both a skincare and makeup item.

Lip Gloss Packaging

Custom Lip Gloss Packaging is meant to present and display lip glosses in the best possible way. The packaging of lip glosses is as vital as the formulation and manufacture. The appearance of a product especially a makeup item is a key factor in getting notable sales. Lip glosses being glam and fashion products need to look equally glam by their custom lip gloss boxes.

Styles for lip gloss Packaging

You can select various styles for getting the best custom lip gloss boxes wholesale for your lip glosses. These boxes will differ in their closure and display styles and material of manufacture for the boxes. The following styles for custom Lip Gloss Packaging boxes are most suitable.

Tuck top lip gloss Packaging

Tuck top boxes have at least one tuck end on the box for the removal of product. The best thing about these boxes is that you can use them to store your lip gloss for a long time. Usually, the tuck top boxes have the tuck end at their top. They will either have a fixed bottom or an auto clock bottom. These boxes may have tuck ends on both sides of the box. The tuck ends are either opposite known as reverse tuck ends or the tuck ends may face each other known as straight tuck ends.

Sleeve boxes

Sleeve boxes are one of the most stylish and unique packaging styles for any kind of retail item including lip gloss. These boxes have a sleeve cover on them that is their main characteristic. They can have a bottom container of various lengths and dimensions to suit the lip gloss that you will place inside. Sleeve lip gloss boxes are easy to use and look very stylish.

Customization Boxes

You can make your brand of lip gloss stand out with Custom Lip Gloss Packaging boxes. You can select the desired print and dimensions to suit your lip gloss containers. Wholesale suppliers provide multiple options for making your lip gloss boxes wholesale.

Coating styles of Boxes

You can select various coating options for custom Lip Gloss Packaging boxes. The two most common coating styles are gloss and matte finish coating. Although gloss finish is more common in many makeup brands, matte finish is also becoming very popular for its sleek look. Another very stylish coating option for these boxes is the metallic coating of silver, gold, and copper colors. In addition to that, holographic lamination suits the lip gloss boxes perfectly because it reflects the glossing effect of the product.

Custom Printing Boxes

Printing is also a vital part of making packaging lip gloss boxes. it is always best to select a printing pattern that is eye-catching and attractive. This is important to lure customers to buy your exclusive lip glosses. The printing patterns that are vivid and have vibrant and attractive colors are a great way to achieve that. You can choose from many latest easily visible printing techniques for your design and texts. This is a great way to make your brand or company name prominent. Many printing techniques like debossing and raised ink are a great way to make important texts stand out. There is a method known as spot UV that makes certain texts and prints look shinier than the rest of the packaging. It looks best on matte finish boxes.

Gift Boxes

Gift boxes for lip gloss contain a collection of lip gloss of various types. They are a perfect way to sell the best collection of lip glosses by your company. Many famous brands use this packaging technique for the marketing of their products. To place the lip glosses safely in the packaging boxes you can use packaging box inserts. Both paper and plastic inserts are available for this purpose. Also, to make the gift box more attractive you can use a window box for their packaging. This gives a more alluring appearance to your exclusive products.