Ideas for Designing a Cooler Home in the Tropics

There’s nothing more comfortable than to enter into the shades of your cool home after the scorching wave of heat. In tropical countries in India, the summer heat becomes almost unbearable at times. Owing to its location, the only two prominent seasons amongst four are summer and monsoon, with a short winter, which too is not that cold. During summer, not only is the weather humid, but there is a continuous flow of ‘loo’, or heatwave. These waves make the skin itch, cause allergy, and sometimes, also become the reason for sunstroke. But it is not always possible to have an air conditioner at home, be it for monetary reasons or circumstances. Here are a few full-proof ideas to cool down your home while living in the tropics.

Light Colors of the Walls

Colors play a major role in determining the overall temperature of a house- how hot or cold it will be. Dark colors tend to absorb light, thus increasing the average temperature, Hence, paint your walls in a lighter tone. This will not only reflect the incoming light and cool down your house, but light colors are also soothing to the eyes. Also, they make the house look spacious; even if it’s apparent. Dark colors make a space clumsy, which also leads to the feeling of claustrophobia and thus, feel warmer.


Invest in buying good quality curtains, which will keep both the summer heat and winter coldness at bay. Drawing the curtains automatically lowers the temperature of the rooms, darkens them, and gives a nice sauna feeling. Curtains are the most effective way to keep the hottest summer wave away from heating up your house. And it’s advisable that you go for darker curtains than lighter ones.

Plant Trees

This is like the ultimate hack to cool down your house and has also a long-term result. Trees add to the greenery, keep the air fresh, and keep away the sun’s rays. They also reduce the amount of heat your house was about to absorb and keep it even cooler.

Ceiling Fans

There’s a little hack you need to keep in mind while handling the ceiling fans. Make your fans rotate in a counterclockwise manner at high speed. You may not know it, but rotating in the counterclockwise direction at a high speed makes fans create a wind-chill breeze effect, which cools down your house to an extent you can never even imagine.

Straw Mats

In tropical countries like India, placing wet straw mats under the bed, on windows is quite popular. The heat waves vaporize the water droplets, thus, reducing the temperature and giving a cooling effect to your house.

These are some of the hacks you can follow if you don’t want to spend a fortune. Rest, you can always have a fridge or air conditioners. Alliances on rent are becoming very popular in recent times, and you can easily get a fridge on rent in Bangalore or an AC on rent in Gurgaon. But if you want to save some cost and be environment-friendly, these are some of the hacks that you definitely must try out.