How We Can Create a Successful Business Party

As business owners we know the importance of connecting and building meaningful relationships. To do so, we can choose to have an intimate get together with prospective clients, a celebration honoring a major client, or a holiday party for our employees. The purpose of having such events is to create a lasting impression on our guests. There are many ways we can create an event that is sure to wow clients and employees alike. 

Event Planning for Client Events

When planning an event for clients it is the small details that make all the difference. For example, while we might choose to have a simple cocktail party, we can find ways to add a splash of uniqueness to our event. We might choose to use sparklers throughout our event to make our clients feel special. In other cases, we might dazzle them with the food and drink that we serve.

Sometimes instead of sprinkling surprises throughout our event we will choose to focus on a single show stopping moment. Such moments could look like using heart sparklers on a cake. having an elaborate chocolate fountain or having a champagne toast. A show stopping moment might also look like bringing in an awe-inspiring entertainment group to wow our guests. There are numerous ways we can celebrate our clients and make them excited to work with us.

If we are part of a larger organization, we might choose to go big. This could include renting a cruise boat, having a fireworks display, or providing tickets to a sold-out performance or sports event.  Hosting a fun event is a great way to maintain meaningful relationships with a client. When clients feel seen they are likely to be more invested and better business partners.

Event Planning for Our Employees

If we want to have a successful business, it is important that our employees feel invested. One way to build a sense of connection with our employees is to celebrate various life events that they experience such as office-wide birthday parties or helping our employees brainstorm gender reveal ideas that will work in an office setting. Another way to build community is by throwing holiday parties where employees get to relax, eat good food, and have a good time. If we create a culture that celebrates the events that happen in an employee’s life outside of work, they are more likely to see our business as a family and are more likely to remain loyal to our organization. 

Other times it is less about the events that we create and more about being generous with our resources. This might look like allowing employees to print off invitations using our in-house printers or copiers. This might look like providing access to an outdoor space if an employee wants to use a gender reveal cannon, providing a space for an employee’s performance group, or allowing an employee to use our technology to have a better connection with a family member who is stationed overseas in the military. If we invest in the happiness of our employees, it will return to us in dividends. 

More and more businesses are discovering the importance of finding ways to honor and celebrate employees especially while employees are working remotely. Over the past year corporate giving has switched to focusing on small items that can be shipped to employees or ways to create a virtual party that everyone can attend. We can give our employees everything from food items to gift cards to local businesses. Such items can make sure that an event feels like an event and not like just another zoom call.

When planning events for a business we might think about our clients or our employees. In either case the priority is creating an event that makes our guests feel special and appreciated. There are a wide range of ways we can do this from how we decorate, to what we celebrate in our office. In the case when events are online it is important that we go the extra mile to make sure that our event feels like an event and not just a zoom meeting. Celebrating with clients or employees is a great way to deepen relationships and make connections that can be depended on. Events are a great way to celebrate.