When you apply to business school, no one will look at your grades, work experience, or exam results since they are irrelevant. Which of the following options would you choose? It is important to remember that the person from the selection committee will only appear with your essay once the package of papers has been opened. It is up to him to make a significant judgment based only on the information you have provided in your essay. A lot of students spend days and nights working on their application letters due to this reason. However, some turn to the help of an online essay writing service in order to make sure everything is done professionally and in the best way it can possibly be done. 

In terms of difficulty, the MBA application essay is akin to a crowded elevator. Someone whose choice might have an impact on your life is given your authority (in the form of words). To catch their attention and make an impression, you need to do everything you can to be the best you can. 

Candidates with the best profiles are sought after by admissions officers. They’re looking for ways you can benefit both yourself and the rest of the MBA class. To stand out from the crowd of more than a thousand other applicants, you’ll need to wow the admissions committee with a well-written essay that evokes emotions and explains why you should be considered for the MBA program. How distinctive is your initial offer and what sets you apart from your competitors? Teachers have hundreds of essays in the admissions committee, and they have limited time to analyze them. 

As a result, we’ve put up a list of MBA essay writing hints and crucial points to keep in mind. These recommendations can be used to various degrees, such as the Master of Science in Management (MiM).


There are no little stages throughout the MBA program. All problems must be taken into consideration. Using this article, you will learn how to write an essay for business school admissions applications.

  1.  Create an outline for the essay

The process of composing an MBA essay should be slow and iterative. It’s beneficial if you can allow yourself adequate time to work on the essay’s outline and topic. As a result, getting an investigator started on a project is always a smart idea. Allow yourself time to reflect. As soon as you get a thought, write it down. You’ll get the most out of it if you’re in the appropriate frame of mind and choose the correct time of day to do it. Brainstorming in specific areas of your profile might lead to new insights. 

Don’t use words that don’t add to the story. Avoid jargon used in the workplace, such as industrial and technical terms. When you’ve already written down your essential points, it’s time to organize them. Create a strategy. 

Next, the flow is organized and managed. Honesty is the best policy. Based on the facts, you should tell your tale (which I hope you can back up with evidence if needed). You’ll feel more at ease in the interview if you do this. Tell a tale that shows your interest and enthusiasm for the program. Check to be that your essays aren’t merely repeated, but also in line with your resume and recommendations. Connect the dots and make a comprehensive picture in your article. Even if an example essay on the internet is impressive, don’t imitate it. Find out why MBA essay samples don’t work for you in this post.

2. Consider experts opinions

The length of a business school essay might range from a few paragraphs to a few pages. Because each institution has its unique set of essay requirements, be sure to review them thoroughly. Ensure that each essay is distinct and concise. In order to answer the essay’s central question, provide enough information. Instead of just listing your accomplishments, take the time to explain how you achieved them. If you can’t think of any examples when you’ve showed leadership or uncommon traits, try to think of a few more. 

Do not forget to include your extracurricular activities, whether they were volunteer work for a non-profit organization, taking up a new interest, or taking on the duty of organizing an event. You should familiarize yourself with the kind of questions that MBA programs ask in their admissions essays. There are a lot of similarities between them.

The Adcom should only use an optional essay if it is absolutely necessary to justify a professional break or delay in study, or to explain a poor academic performance on the part of the applicant. Some schools, such as Vanderbilt Owen, require students to submit a video essay, while others allow them to choose whether or not to do so.

3. Determine whether or not you are eligible to participate in the program.

An MBA applicant must satisfy the following standards in order to be considered: 

If you spent anywhere between $1.5 and $10,000 on an MBA program and then learned that the college you picked was not going to help you achieve your post-MBA goals, you would have wasted a tremendous amount of time, money, and energy. 

Because of this, finishing your assignment prior to the due date is really vital. Investigate what others have to say about the school by reading reviews and speaking with current or past students This post will teach you how to decide if you are qualified for an MBA program and business school by examining your qualifications.

4. Mind the word-count 

When writing an essay, how important is it to pay attention to the word count? 

The word limit on an essay is something you should adhere to as closely as possible, even if there are minor differences. Tolerance levels of between 5 and 10 percent are not uncommon in higher education. However, we strongly advise against going above. Don’t use it, but don’t use it. There’s a chance that the reviewer may conclude that you have nothing to say. If you’ve previously said anything in your CV or references, don’t repeat it here. Aim to keep your writings under a page long. The length of an essay can be reduced by correcting grammar and deleting extraneous words and phrases.

5. Never forget to proofread 

Even after reading your essay a hundred times, it is usual to make a few mistakes. By having a second pair of eyes go over your work, you may uncover new perspectives and missing elements to your story.


  1. Dull language 

Do not utilize the internet or libraries to collect research. To express your ideas and thoughts properly, you only need to reflect on your own experiences and draw specific examples from them. Describe a solution to a difficult situation. Consider your own sentiments and memories, and keep them secure. 

2. Using slang

Writing with engaging, colorful language is vital to properly portray the subject matter’s rich colors. However, using slang would be a tremendous mistake. Avoid using them in conversation. They will not enhance your distinctiveness or creativity, but rather give you grief. Slang terms and phrases, especially professional slang, are not allowed. 

3. Loud claims that have no basis in fact

Avoid lengthy, declarative phrases in essays. Any claim must be backed up by personal and professional experience. 

For example, a candidate suggests an MBA program. It can’t be left like this. His reasoning for believing it was necessary is a mystery. Why does he do this? As a result, it’s worth going deeper.

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