How to write an argumentative essay

Essays are among the college or university assignments that seem easy and tricky at the same time. There are many types of essays, and depending on the discipline and teacher’s preferences, students are assigned to create different essays. To make writing meaningful, students need to be aware of the formatting peculiarities and be proficient in the essay’s topic. It is not surprising that some students do not feel confident enough and choose to pay for college essays to make sure they would not fail. Respectful writing services are ready to assist students in writing any essay type, from persuasive to descriptive. However, many students admit that argumentative essays are still among the most complicated. Let us figure out the major hacks of skilled authors on how to write an argumentative essay your teacher would appreciate.

What is an argumentative essay?

Argumentative essays aim to expose the opinion of an author and persuade the audience to agree with his or her point of view. One of the core elements of an argumentative essay is arguments and facts that support the main thesis. To make such essays strong and effective, students have to evaluate reliable sources and form their opinions before outlining and writing an essay.

Start with the topic

In the initial stage of writing an argumentative essay, you need to examine the topic deeply. Usually, students get some hints on topics from teachers, so you can start with reading the manuals for essay writing and choose a topic that fits your vision. Make sure the topic inspires you to investigate it and stimulates you to form your idea on the given subject. Ask your teacher to provide you with other topic suggestions if you do not find offered topics interesting.

Formulate your core opinion

Now you already have a topic that you like and find working. It is time to research the information in a chosen area and formulate your opinion. Sometimes it could happen that after researching books, articles, and other science materials in a chosen field, your initial opinion changes. It is proof that your research was quality. You can proceed to the next stage when you are sure that your opinion is formulated and you feel ready to start writing.

Outline your essay

Argumentative essays require detailed outlining. With a quality structure, your paper would get a solid argumentation and logic crucial for such essays. An argumentative essay structure has to include:

• An introduction that explains the topic and artificially engages readers to proceed with going through the text. You need to include a hook into an introductory paragraph to catch the attention of readers.

• The body of an argumentative essay contains an explanation of the author’s opinion. There must be an examination of the topic with facts and arguments that support the main thesis.  The body must also include the opposition – the opinion that confronts the author’s statements. Add more interesting and surprising facts into the essay’s body to make sure to add them with exciting points you gained during the preliminary research. Make sure to make cohesive transitions between each paragraph.  The body could contain such elements as statistics, brief narratives, research results, quotations, and more to prove the author’s opinion. 

• A conclusion must underline the most potent arguments and support the opinion of an author. Do not include any surprising data in conclusion.

Use ethos, logos, and pathos

When you would enclose the opposite views to yours, you would have to use specific argumentation instruments. These instruments are ethos, logos, and pathos, and they would help to prove your expertise. Logos assumes adding realistic arguments that appeal to readers’ logic. Pathos means appealing to emotions and senses. Ethos assumes appealing to the credibility of courses, arguments, etc.

Choose an argumentation strategy

You would require structuring your opinion with one of several most widespread argumentation strategies:


The approach assumes stating an author’s opinion and continuously explaining this statement—the best strategy for audiences that are not familiar with the topic.

  • Toulmin

After presenting an opinion, the author must demonstrate its grounds and expose the logical bonds between these elements.

  • Rogerian

Choose this strategy for polar opinions as it is built on explaining the weaknesses of the opposite statements.

Provoke readers to form their opinion

A meaningful argumentative essay provokes the audience to think about the statements of an author. Readers must want to formulate their views in the area you expose in your paper. Force your audience to learn more about the subject.


Now you know several working hacks on how to write a meaningful argumentative essay. It would help if you always started with the topic and investigation of the subject. An excellent argumentative essay would be impossible without a quality outline and strong structure. Use specific elements for argumentation and choose an argumentation strategy that fits the situation.