Casino baccarat is an exciting game to wager on and win. Although it doesn’t come easy against the house, the game offers you an opportunity to share the profits.  

If you are a fan of casino games, you must have heard of baccarat. Even though Baccarat is majorly a game of chance, you can actually win if you know the right tactics to apply. If you apply these tips to your next round of Baccarat, you might just go home a winner. The best online casinos to try out you could find on the

5 Top Tips to Win Baccarat

Always Bet on the Banker

The banker’s chances of winning are always slightly higher than 50% in every game. You walk up to the live baccarat table and place your initial wager, and this wager should be placed on the Banker. Since we’re aiming to profit from streaks, the Banker is the wager with the better probability of a winning streak. If the Banker goes on a winning streak after your first bet, keep betting till he loses his streak.

Money Management is Key 

When you play baccarat, you are essentially making a blind bet. As a result, the game is quite close. Streaks can be in your favor or against, and nobody hoes for nasty streaks. Give yourself 200 units as your session fund if you’re betting 10 units per decision; that is 20 rounds. If you lose your money after that, take a rest.

If you’ve won a substantial sum but didn’t want to quit right away, you want to end the session with a profit. However, it is essential not to get greedy. Divide your winnings in half and use half that money to continue playing. If you lose it, take the remainder of your wins and leave.

Mini-Baccarat is Far Riskier

Regular baccarat and mini-baccarat differ significantly in two ways. The first is that the game is dealt with by the dealer, not the players. The second is that the game is high-speed, and it is so fast that dealers can make between 150 and 200 decisions each hour.

However, the minimum table bets are usually lower than in regular games. Regardless, with 200 decisions and the stakes within the range of 1.06 and 1.24, it can still be terrible if things go wrong.

If you’re going to play mini-baccarat, your betting strategy should be on the banker only. Bet on the banker till it loses. Then you wait till the Player loses and then bet Banker again. Doing this should ideally cut the number of decisions you have to make in half or less, and this means that your chances of losing would reduce significantly. 

Don’t Ever Go All-In

This is not a Hollywood movie. It’s a bad idea to place all of your money on the one hand. Look at your bankroll as your investment money. You obviously don’t want to put all your eggs in a basket. Therefore, you should try to make it last long enough to make a profit. Trying to lose your entire bankroll is not a smart move. Once you make some hits, try to withdraw your winnings so that you don’t need to bankroll with your profit. Take a breather, enjoy the profit you’ve made, and you can come at some other time.  

Don’t Place a Tie Wager

There are advantages to two of Baccarat’s three bets: the Banker and the Player. The banker has an edge of 1.06%, and there is a 1.24% advantage over the Player. In the grand scheme of things, those are excellent house edges. However, the Tie is the sad part. The house edge on this wager is around 14.4%. That means for every 100 units bet, you lose 14.4 units. This bet is a complete waste of money.


We won’t rule out that luck is at the heart of winning any casino game. In fact, we can say that baccarat is 100% a game of chance. But it doesn’t mean you don’t need any technique or skill. The idea is to always minimize your risk while maximizing your profits. Don’t get it twisted; you’ll permanently lose if you don’t know how casino games work. As a beginner, learn to start small. You’d feel when you get good, the winnings will let you afford anything including a custom build house and much much more.