How to use WhatsApp Broadcast Messages?

WhatsApp is the most used messaging or communication app globally. Definitely, the extremely user-friendly interface is the reason behind its success. It has the best user case amongst all other communication apps. Another reason WhatsApp is on the top is its constant upgrading to the latest features in texting. One of those features is WhatsApp broadcast Messages. Have you ever tried it or you already have a list for the same? If you are still unaware of it, keep reading till last and try it in your business today! 

What is WhatsApp broadcasting?  

WhatsApp broadcasting is a new and very simple-to-understand feature that makes it very easy for a business in its marketing and promotions. WhatsApp broadcasting allows you to send a particular message to multiple people in your contacts without creating a group. You can send anything like a text, an image, a video, or even a document to that list of people, and they will receive the message as a personal chat rather than a group message. It means that the people you send this message through WhatsApp broadcast won’t find out about the others who receive the same message. It adds more privacy and helps you send announcements, updates, or other important information to those people without needing a group chat. WhatsApp broadcast is common among businesses and organizations that need to communicate with many people. It makes it personalized as the message directly hits the users in a regular chat manner.   

How to use WhatsApp Broadcasting?  

The WhatsApp broadcasting feature is easy and simple, but the steps to create the broadcast are very different in Android and IOS. The process differs in some minor ways but you can use them in both.

How to make a WhatsApp Broadcast on an Android phone?  

  • Firstly, you have to open WhatsApp.  
  • Thеn,  tapping thе thrее dots in thе top right cornеr will opеn a drop-down mеnu.  
  • From thе drop-down mеnu,  you havе to tap on ‘nеw broadcast’ and sеlеct up to 256 pеoplе who you want in your broadcast.    
  • Then, you just have to tap the green tick in the extreme bottom right corner of your window to finish the process.   
  • WhatsApp will then bring you to the broadcast’s messaging window after you are done with the process, after which any message you send through that broadcast reaches all the participants through personal chat.   
  • After creating a broadcast, open the messaging window and tap the title.   
  • Tap the three dots present at the top-right to open the editing menu.   
  • Select ‘Add recipient’ to add or remove recipients or ‘Change broadcast’ list name to change the name.  

How do you make a WhatsApp Broadcast on an IOS phone?  

  • Firstly, you must open WhatsApp and ensure you are in the chats.   
  • Then, in the top-right, you’ll find Broadcast Lists under the search bar. Tap it.  
  • After that, tap New List at the bottom of the page and choose the contacts you want to add.  
  • After doing it, tap Create.  
  • WhatsApp will place you immediately in a chat window where whatever you type will be delivered to everyone on your broadcast list.  
  • Tap Broadcast Lists in Chats to open it up.  
  • Tap the i in a circle on the list.  
  • Select the bar where you see ‘List name’ to change the name, and then choose ‘Done.’  
  • Select ‘Edit list’ at the end of the list of recipients to remove and add new members.  
  • Choose Done when your process is over.  

Once successfully created the broadcast, you can send the messages to the recipients in their chat.  

Disadvantages of WhatsApp Broadcasting  

There are some disadvantages of using WhatsApp broadcasting, a few of them are as follows: –  

  • One of the biggest disadvantages of using WhatsApp broadcasting is that if a contact doesn’t have your number saved, they will never receive the broadcast message will never be delivered. It is a big disadvantage because most customers do not save the numbers of the businesses.
  • Another disadvantage of WhatsApp broadcasting is that the max capacity per broadcast list is 256, so you must create multiple lists to send the broadcast message to all your customers.  
  • You cannot integrate WhatsApp business features with your CRM.  
  • Another disadvantage is if you are using WhatsApp business, the messages you send through WhatsApp broadcasting need to follow the street message format, which WhatsApp says. Sometimes, those message templates take a few days to get approved. Sending promotional content, symbols, or emojis is also prohibited.  

What is the difference between WhatsApp Broadcasting and WhatsApp group chat?  

Any WhatsApp group chat is used to hold discussions with many people. On the other hand, WhatsApp broadcasting messages hit private chats between the sender and the recipient.   

  • Group chats are open for all members to read every message and even reply with comments. While broadcasting, the recipients cannot see who else has received the message. So, indeed, it is an ideal option for businesses to reach out to their customers for updates or marketing.  
  • Group chats are better if you want to hold a discussion or keep the conversation going to discuss something that requires the participation of other members of the chat, like making plans or reaching out to family and friends at once.  
  • Everyone can see a reply to a message in a WhatsApp group. Broadcasts are better when you don’t want to share replies with everyone.  
  • WhatsApp group chat helps you to directly market your business to your target audience and increase customer engagement by holding up the conversation about your brand. On the other hand, WhatsApp broadcasting is the perfect feature for sharing announcements and share updates, which need not require replying but just passing along the important information.  

Wrapping Up   

WhatsApp broadcasting is a smart way to connect with your target audience and send them updates. If you are too eager to grow your business, work towards adding weightage to the WhatsApp broadcast messages that you create! Try doing a good SEO of the messages you curate! Happy connecting!