How to use the Free Hashtag Generator Tool for Instagram


Instagram is one of the most downloaded social media applications in the world. Instagram focuses on the visual medium through photos, Igtv video, and now reels to engage with the audiences. Instagram has over one billion-plus monthly active worldwide users in 2022, twelve years after its launch in 2010. The majority of the Instagram users are Gen Z or millennials aged 18 to 45 years of age.

Instagram offers a variety of features to its users to make the platform easy to navigate across. One such feature among them is Hashtags.

Hashtags are the string of the letters, symbols, or emoticons followed by the #(hash ) sign. 

Using Hashtags on Instagram has the following advantages:

1)Hashtags describe the uniqueness of your post and create a community to engage with the audience. It makes your post stand apart from others.

2)Using Hashtags also create a brand community of people and brings them together under a single umbrella. It easies navigation & searches on Instagram. Using hashtags create a brand and it becomes easier to engage with the audience.

3)Instagram segregates the photos and videos posts based on the hashtags used and assembles them with posts using similar hashtags. Hence, using hashtags makes your post reach wider interested audiences. They help increase your visibility on the platform and reach your target audience.

4)The hashtags used in an Instagram post contain hyperlinks. When clicked shows all the posts tagged with similar hashtags. It increases the chances of your Instagram profile discovery.

With over a billion monthly active users on the platform, it is thus essential to be found by the right audiences to get successful on the Instagram platform. Along with creating original and unique content, opting for the right hashtag is equally necessary. It’s because it’s worth creating content only when reaching your audiences.

You understand the importance of Instagram Hashtags and want to use the best Instagram Hashtags that describe new posts but facing difficulty deciding on them. Use Accfarm’s free Hashtag generator for Instagram.

How to generate free hashtags for Instagram using Accfarm?

1)Visit Accfarm and open the Instagram hashtag generator tool.

2)Type the keyword that best describes your post in the given space and press enter.

You will get many Instagram Hashtags related to your posts. You have to choose the best suited for your Instagram posts and use it on your Instagram posts. It will no doubt manifold increase your discoverability on the Instagram platform.


Instagram has been a great hit among the younger generation since it launched in 2010 and still going strong. With the seamless interface of Instagram, sharing photos and videoes is a piece- of -cake. Instagram has been improving its interface and algorithm continuously. It has become a platform for the social media marketing of brands worldwide. Reaching the target audience is thus very crucial to getting the taste of success on the social media platform. Use Accfarm’s Instagram hashtag generator tool to reach vast audiences on the Instagram platform and succeed exponentially.