How to Use Mirrors to Open Up Your Small Space

Even if you love your small space, it’s not always easy to feel like you have the best use of your space. The issue of small space problems is a universal issue that many people deal with, whether it be a small bedroom, apartment, or closet.

While this isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, there are definitely a few ways you can make your space feel larger. Mirrors are one of the ways you can change the layout of your small space to make it feel more open.

If you’re curious about how you can use mirrors in your small space, read on!

Select the Right Size of Mirror for Your Room

It’s important to consider the size of your room, as well as the desired aesthetic or theme. Choose a mirror that is proportional to the size of the room and hangs at the correct height for the intended purpose.

Larger mirrors can make a room appear more open and spacious, whereas a smaller mirror keeps the focus on the focal point of the room. Make sure to buy the right size mirror, as a small mirror won’t be able to bring the desired visual effect.

Position the Mirror to Maximize Space

The most ideal spot is directly across from a window, so you can capture natural light. Avoid making the mistake of placing the mirror opposite a wall, as it will make the room appear closed off.

Use vertical and horizontal angles to ensure that the mirror is reflecting as much of the room as possible. Mirrors make great decorative pieces, but use them to add to the room’s functionality and make the small apartment feel larger and more spacious.

Inject Interest With Shapes and Styles

Mirrors can be installed on walls to create an illusion of depth in a smaller space. Add large, circular, rectangular, and even mosaic mirrors to reflect and bounce light around the room. When placing mirrors in a smaller space, find mirrors with frames and try to keep them grouped together as this will create a dramatic, eye-catching effect.

Look for antique or vintage mirrors for even more interest. Alternately, scatter smaller mirrors across different walls. Always remember not to overcrowd the area with too many mirrors, as this will overwhelm a small space.

Unusual shapes, such as circular ones, will help inject more interest while reflecting more light. Add a few sparkling metallic elements around the mirror to further brighten up the room. Experiment with different shapes and sizes to add a unique design element. 

Decorating Small Space Using Mirrors

Mirrors add light, volume, and visual interest to any room. Using many mirrors of different sizes and formats helps to create a more interesting look. They are a great way to transform your small space and open it up.

Start thinking about using mirrors to enhance your home and create a more cohesive and welcoming design. Get started today, and you will soon enjoy your refreshed, brighter space.

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