How to Use Flowers for Home Decor

Did you know that national spending on home improvement projects went up by 3% recently? If you’re hoping to avoid an expensive project but still want to freshen up your home, know that it is possible! And one of the easiest ways to makeover a drab room is with a burst of color and texture.

Turn to flowers for the perfect solution. Read on to learn how to use flowers for decoration projects in your home!

Go with a Classic Floral Centerpiece

When your kitchen or dining room is looking tired, a large floral centerpiece is an easy solution. You can brighten a kitchen, bathroom, or any bland space with a large and voluminous centerpiece. Choose hydrangea, tulips, and other beautiful flowers in intense hues for the perfect arrangement.

As another option, try removing the flower heads from the stems. Then float those flower heads in a shallow decorative bowl that you’ve filled with water. This more subtle approach will highlight the colors of the blooms while creating a lower-profile centerpiece.

Consider exploring floral bouquet ideas that match the season. Keep colors light and warm in the summer and deeper in the winter months. Check out these flower options when you’re ready to get the flowers you want to be delivered to your door!

Up Your Container Game

Traditional baskets and vases will always suit floral decoration ideas. But you can choose more inventive containers if you’re really looking to make a splash.

Reach for vintage pots, water containers, or even large mugs as flower containers. Check out garage sales and secondhand shops to find options that won’t break your budget. You may be able to repurpose some to suit your stylistic tastes.

For instance, you can get artsy with paints to ensure you have the design motifs and colors you want. Use sandpaper to rough up the surface of the vessel first. Then use craft paints to create swirling designs, geometric designs, and textures.

Finally, add your favorite flowers to complete the look! You can swap out containers for each season or flower arrangement.

Try Dried Flowers

Not everyone loves maintaining fresh flowers or running out to buy new ones all the time. That’s why dried flowers can be a great decorative solution. You can keep them as decor for months or longer without doing anything.

For example, you can put dried lavender in a white or yellow vase for a punch of color in a neutral space. Create a sense of elegance with light pink eucalyptus for a delicate and sunny feel. Or add rustic charm with a blend of grasses, including soft and billowy pampas grass.

When it comes to floral decoration, another great idea is to use pressed dried flowers in a framed piece. Arrange some dried flowers against a white background so the rich colors and silhouettes can shine. Then frame the piece and hang it on a wall wherever some color is needed.

Use Flowers as Wall Hangings

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you can use flowers to transform a blank wall. Rather than reaching for a generic photograph or picture, turn to vials of flowers.

Secure a few stems of flowers of your choosing in vials. Then carefully suspend them from your wall using a sturdy string or twine. Choose a natural or white string for a subtle touch — or play up the lines by opting for a bold string color.

You’ll love the organic quality of the different heights of the vials, as well as the bright bits of color. And if you have the right lighting scenario, you’ll be able to see cast shadows from the flowers on your walls.

Add Flowers to Place Settings

Hosting a dinner party or other elaborate gathering? You can spruce up your place settings and color scheme with the right flowers. And you’ll just need a sprig or two of a pretty flower bloom to get the job done.

Take your napkins at each place setting and attach a flower to them. You can place the flower inside the wrapped napkin for a surprise, perhaps letting some of the color pop out. When you choose an aromatic flower, like lavender, it will enhance the experience for guests when they sit down, too.

Complete the experience by adding a few small vases or glasses of flowers as part of the centerpiece. Intersperse some small candles and fairy lights for the ultimate special experience!

Don’t Overlook Artificial Flowers

As you investigate home decor ideas, the floral decor doesn’t always have to be fresh or dried. Using artificial flowers can be a handy way to create attractive wall displays or centerpieces.

Artificial flowers are especially useful in places where you don’t get a lot of natural sunlight, too. For instance, if you have a study or basement room where you need a punch of color, an artificial bouquet can work wonders.

Pin artificial flower blooms on your walls or introduce a potted plant on a coffee table. You also can update a side table or bar with a dose of color and texture. With the best artificial flowers, no one will know the difference!

Use Flowers for Decoration Projects

When you use flowers for decoration projects, you inject energy into your home without spending a lot of money. You can liven up any room with a bold centerpiece in an attractive vase. But you can also use flowers in less traditional ways to create wall hangings and unique table settings.

Need more home decor ideas? Check back soon for new articles!