How To Upgrade Your Marlin 336 With Top Accessories?

Looking for Marlin rifle accessories?

Marlin 336, one of the oldest American lever-action rifles, has been used for hunting and recreational purposes for ages. Rugger produces the Model 336 and there are eight models of the rifle. They have the same features such as large front sight, convenient lever, and stunning wood finish. It has a simple and beautiful design and is known for its robustness and effectiveness. 

So you must be wondering then why should you upgrade your Marlin 336?

Undoubtedly, this stunning rifle is well-made and has served generations yet it can always be improved with accessories. Adding Marlin 336 accessories would not only make it user-friendly but would improve the weapon’s ability significantly.

Here are some Marlin 336 upgrades to make it last long:

List Of The Top Marlin 336 Accessories


A lot of effort is required to accelerate your Marlin rifle, isn’t it?

Well, to relieve the gunman’s aim while accelerating the Marlin rifle, the loading gate is added. The Marlin loading gate is skillfully calibrated with reduced spring weight which requires only 1.5 lbs of force to open fully.

Marlin loading gate is made up of the strongest grade 7075-T6 aluminum. As it has remarkable vigor, it is durable and is created for highly stressed frames. It has no sharp edges and can be loaded easily and smoothly. The most important advantage of a loading gate is that it offers substantially more leeway for cartridges and reduces further load effort. 


Want to hit a bull’s eye?

Add a decent scope that gives you the edge of your objective.

This Marlin rifle accessory can be used with heavy recoil and would certainly help you achieve better accuracy at any time of the day. The coated lens on the riflescope offers clarity and brightness and helps in locating the target very easily. The lens is specially crafted to filter out any form of glare and reflection. It is fog-proof, shock-proof, and waterproof. For wide-range shooting, BDC (reticle) serves as a boon that helps in taking clear shots.


Don’t forget Marlin 336 is a lever-action gun that means the shooting positions are limited. Thus, you just cannot lie or lean against something while firing; neither you would be able to shoot with your gloves on. Hence, upgrading the lever handle with ‘medium’ large loop finger levers would be helpful.

The lever blends with the lines of buttstock easily complimenting the curve of the Rifle grip. The Marlin medium-large loop levers are meticulously machined for a smooth, scratch-proof finish. It takes minutes to install and makes gloved fingers assemble close together and naturally rest along with the Rifle grip.

Of course, the loop accessory would also give a stylish look to your Marlin 336 as compared to others.


Each time the gun is fired, the barrel gets warm from the explosion, and pressurized gases escaping through it. At times the temperature of the gun increases so much that people can burn their hands or injure themselves. Thus, accessorizing the Marlin 336 with the handguard allows the shooter to focus well without burning their hands.

Handguard rail acts as a shield between the gun barrel and the gunman’s hand. Secondly, the gunman can clinch the gun perfectly against the force exerted by the gun as recoil. MLOK Aluminum Forearm Handguard along with rail is remarkably stronger as compared to Marlin factory hardware. Side panels on each side can be customized easily and also can be replaced economically if damaged. Further deep finger grooves, slender width, and rounded lower corners make the gunman feel safe and confident about their shot.


Marlin 336 has open sights with a simple notch and post. This makes it quite easy to use but when upgraded with fiber optic front rifle sights, it becomes best to shoot past a hundred yards. Due to its quality material and design, one can achieve accuracy with every shot and can quickly locate the target when shooting outdoors.

Heavy sight posts are built with bar steel and coated with black nitride for superior strength and corrosion resistance giving it a sturdy construction. Its triangular peaks and .040” fiber optics increase the overall sight radius providing an extra-fine aim point for precise shooting. It is also easy to use even when the light is low or dark.


Pack, prop-up, and proceed!

How about quickly and easily abbreviating your Marlin lever-action gun when in hurry?

With Marlin Quick Detach Butt Stock Takedown Screw you can quickly shorten the gun when not in use. In case you want to unscrew, it can easily be done with any coin in your pocket and you can remove the buttstock.

Isn’t it helpful?


Marlin 336 is the modern lever gun, thus finding the right accessories for the same would be challenging. Do your research and ask in the forums to understand the performance of different accessories. When you finalize the accessories for your Marlin 336, buy the parts from an adroit producer of performance firearms parts. Using the correct MARLIN 336 accessories from Ranger Point Precision, makes it work effectively and reliably for a long time.