How to unlock a disabled iPhone without iTunes

iTunes is considered the heart of Apple products. But it can also cause problems if any glitch appears in iTunes. If any glitch or issue appears in iTunes then it won’t allow you to unlock your iPhone. iPhone will show the error that “iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes”. This issue can also appear if the user tries to unlock the iPhone with the wrong password. iPhone will get locked after multiple invalid attempts, and the user won’t be able to unlock the iPhone. It will become disabled. If iPhone will be disabled then the user won’t be able to access anything in the iPhone. This becomes a worrying point for many people. Because they don’t know how to unlock a disabled iPhone without iTunes.

These are the issues that people are facing on daily basis. There are a lot of iPhone users. Anyone can face this issue at any time. If that person will not be much technical then it will be a big issue for him. A simple person cannot overcome this issue easily. For this purpose, a proper solution was required for this issue. An easily understandable solution. People should be able to overcome their issues with that solution easily. Looking into the problem, Dr. Fone has provided the best solution for this problem. Is your iPhone disabled? Then Dr. Fone is the best solution for it. Like always, Dr. Fone has shared easy steps that how to fix the disabled iPhone. If your iPhone is also disabled then Dr.Fone will guide you that how you can unlock your iPhone.

Dr. Fone is famous for providing easy-to-use solutions. Users just need to follow a few simple steps and then the issue will be resolved. Following are the steps which are required to perform if a user is trying to unlock the disabled iPhone by using the Dr. Fone:

  1. Download and Launch the Dr. Fone application and the following screen will appear. Select the “Screen Unlock” option from this Welcome Menu.
  1. After that, connect your iPhone with your laptop by using any cable. Once the application will detect your iPhone, select the option “Unlock iOS Screen” button.
  1. In the next step, it will be required to activate the DFU mode of the iPhone from the interface. On the screen, it will show the steps to activate the DFU. Follow those steps. It will activate the DFU. Following are those steps:
    1. Turn off your iPhone and connect it to a computer
    2. Press and hold the power button and Home button at the same time
    3. Release the button until the screen shows “Connect to iTunes”
  1. After this, the application will ask for information related to iPhone models, firmware versions, and other information in the window. It is mandatory to provide the right information otherwise it won’t unlock the iPhone. If the provided information is correct then click on the Download button.
  1. Dr. Fone will start downloading the updates related to mentioned firmware. Once the downloading will be completed then click on the “Unlock Now” button.
  1. It will ask for the confirmation code on the screen to proceed further.
  1. After providing the code, it will start unlocking the iPhone. Once the process will be completed then a notification will appear. It will state that the lock screen has been removed successfully. If still this issue is appearing then click on Try again button.

These are the simple steps that a person needs to follow if he/she is facing unlock issue in the iPhone. Dr. Fone has provided the easiest solution to overcome these types of issues. Even a non-technical person can use Dr. Fone to unlock the iPhone. As I mentioned before, every vendor can provide the solution and but racing to the best solution can never be easier and Dr. Fone has always taken care of that. They always provide the easy to understand solutions that should be feasible for the users. The same goes for this solution. Look at the screenshots which have been attached with each respective step. These screenshots clearly state that Dr. Fone has given a lot of importance to the usability of the application. You can provide the best solution. But if that solution is not feasible for the users then the user will not show any interest in that solution.

If you are also facing this issue then the solution, then Dr. fone is the best solution. Anyone can overcome these issues by using Dr. Fone. Dr. Fone has grabbed the market very easily by providing user-friendly solutions. Every person is not technical. It is not easy for many people to overcome these types of issues. But Dr. Fone has considered all the issues. They have provided solutions that are easily understandable for everyone.