How To Thrive As a Marketing Executive

Businesses pour millions of dollars into marketing campaigns. And as a marketing executive, you’re ultimately responsible for how your marketing team expends its budget to improve ROI.

There’s no easiest way to become a successful marketer. Every step of the process requires conscious effort to identify a new opportunity for your business to achieve its marketing goals and improve ROI. Sometimes, this means monitoring trends every day of the week to generate insights for a piece of content. On that note, here are some tips to help you thrive.

Always be timely.


The number of social media posts created every day runs into the billions. As a marketing executive, you need to ensure the entire team consistently meets deadlines. Every marketing activity needs to be timely, or else you risk losing your customer’s attention to the competition.

There are several different ways for executives to push every team member towards high levels of efficiency and timeliness. Using a content calendar to create a publishing schedule for online content can be a good idea. It can also help manage your content repository by setting important dates for content tied to specific goals.

Many tools like SpreadSheet exist for your social media marketers to create a custom editorial calendar. But checking the web for free marketing calendar templates can be a more convenient option. When you settle on a marketing calendar template, the next step can involve tailoring and tweaking in line with your marketing plan.

Remember to use analytics.

Even though marketing involves creative ideas, it’s an entire numbers game. As an executive, your marketing strategy is only as good as the targets and KPIs it produces. These metrics can be the basis for all market expenditures. Analytics is also important for other functions like fielding a new product launch and fuelling the content creation efforts for a specific social network.

Using tools like a chart maker can help executives do more with data. These tools transform zeros and ones into comprehensive visuals so every stakeholder can understand your progress. Social media analytics, for instance, helps track all your social media efforts from specific social media channels. But sometimes, there are many different platforms that businesses leverage.

It pays to opt for an insight-generating software that acts as a central place to manage multiple data streams from your WordPress to Linkedin and other social channels.

Keep up with the latest trends.


The best way for marketing executives to evolve is to keep up with the trends. The format your teammates used for last year’s blog post, which raked in the most followers, may not stay the same forever. New SEO hacks emerge each day. Visibility rules also change as different platforms evolve. If you’re a content marketer, all these can have several implications on the type of content required for your business.

To consistently meet business goals and thrive, executives need to be good students of change. Take this as a bonus tip in keeping up with the trends. Content collaboration does more for content performance than branded content with a time-draining production process. It takes tons of time, and your whole team can get bored of all the edits needed after each session.

What’s worse is that your audience is likely to react more to influencer-partnered content than your social content with the bold placement of your logo and campaign name. It pays to adopt systems that allow seamless collaboration between content creators.

Try to listen to customers more.

Executives always need to put customers first. Social media campaigns excel when they are built with the audience in mind. The best tweet speaks to the customer’s heart with perfect clarity in a language and tone they can best relate to. That’s why it pays to create personas before launching your content plan. It can be an effective way for a small business to generate new leads for its marketing plans. Listening to customers also afford executives a better way to create great content.