How to Tell if Gold is Real: 5 Easy Ways to Identify Purity of GoldĀ 

Gold jewellery carries a luxurious lifestyle of its own and is available to please gold lovers in eclectic styles and colours. Be it yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold, every variation of gold is enough to uplift your lifestyle quite magically. Despite the colour or style, there is one thing that is common among all gold variations is its value. The value of gold is the sole factor determining the price you’ll get when you sell gold. 

However, when you think of selling gold to your nearby gold jeweller, the purity of gold may always come into question. Since the price of gold varies with its purity, it is really crucial that you must be aware of the purity to get the best price for your gold. Unawareness of the purity of your gold may lead to may fraud and counterfeiting on the part of traders. Many gold jewellery buyers in Delhi may defraud you about the purity to encash you lower prices for your gold. 

There is no denying that it is hard to identify the purity of gold by just looking at it! Every gold, whether fake or real, may carry its own lustre and glory that makes it hard to differentiate its purity. But, luckily there are some tricks that can help you differentiate the real and fake gold without consulting any trader. These tricks are tested and used even by jewellery buyers to determine the purity hassle-free. Read on to know the famous five ways to tell if your gold is real or fake without going anywhere!

1. The Magnet Test

The Magnet test is one the easiest and most affordable ways to check the purity of your gold. As the universal property of gold, pure gold does not carry any magnetic properties. It is non-reactive to any magnet being pulled closer to it. To carry out this test, you must get a piece of inexpensive magnet and attach the magnet to the gold piece or ornaments you have. You can easily run this test from the comfort of your home.

If your chosen piece of gold gets attached to the magnate easily, then your gold is undoubtedly fake. However, if a vice-versa case happens, then your gold is pure and holds the potential to get good prices in the near future. Once you run this test, it is advisable to double-check with an expert, too, since there might be some metals used in the preparation of gold that is non-magnetic in nature.

2. The Hallmark Test

The Indian government, on June 2021, made hallmarks mandatory for all gold items. This is one of the easy and smart ways to check the purity of gold. In this test, you have to search for the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) mark, jewellery identification mark, and cartage on the gold piece to confirm the hallmark certification.

A hallmark certification determines how pure the gold is and what elements are mixed in it. Since many elements are mixed in the preparation, the same can be ascertained from the hallmark and other marks. A 24-karat gold may not have any metal mixed in the preparation as it is the purest gold and carries a hallmark from BIS. 

3. The Float Test

This purity check method is also known as the “Heaviness Test” and is another easiest test to conduct without going anywhere. Pure gold is thick and heavy in weight due to its high density. The density is a reliable indication of the authenticity that the gold piece carries. For conducting this test, you need a bucket full of water to dip your gold piece in it. 

If your gold piece sinks to the bottom due to its high density, then it’s pure gold. However, if your gold is impure, it will float on the water’swater’s surface. This is an indication that your gold is mixed with many alloys and metals and is not as pure as you thought it to be! 

4. The Vinegar Test

Vinegar is the easiest-to-find item in your kitchen at any time of the day! It is one of the effective methods to test the purity of your article with utmost reliability. In this method, all you have to do is drop some vinegar on your gold pieces and wait for the reaction to happen. If the colour of your gold article changes in a few minutes, then it’s not pure gold. 

Pure gold doesn’t change its colour when exposed to vinegar or any other acids. So if your gold article remains intact after exposing to the vinegar droplets, then voila, it’s your pure gold! You can easily run this test from the comfort of your home. However, it is suggested that you must do it in the presence of your family member.

5. The Nitric Acid Test 

The Nitric Acid test is just another easiest and most reliable way to check the purity of your gold. All you are required to do is take out a small piece of your gold article with a nail filer. It is suggested to scrape only that part that is hidden and unused in your gold jewellery or article. Once scraped, drop a few drops of nitric acid on the scraped part. 

If the colour of your scraped part doesn’t change, then it is pure gold. But if the colour of it turns greenish, then your gold article is probably fake. As per universal law, nitric acid does not react with pure gold but is responsive to alloys such as zinc, copper, sterling silver, and many more. However, it is advised to be more attentive and careful while conducting the test. Make sure to run it in a ventilated room and wear gloves and a mask along.

In A Nutshell 

Are you searching hard for How to sell gold to get your gold article encashed? Then you must know the purity of your gold article, to begin with. Determining the purity of gold is one of the important aspects before encashing your gold article. There might be many cases of fraud and counterfeits involving gold articles that you must be aware of. 

There are many ways to check whether your gold ornament like gold initial ring is real or fake, ranging from the vinegar test to the floating test.

The methods to ascertain the purity continues; there are more tested ways that your certified jeweller may use. We are a reliable gold buyer in Noida and all across Delhi, buying gold at the best price for customers. From using the credible purity test to the transparent buying process, we are the perfect place for encashing your gold as per your specifications. Wait no further to get the best deal now and forever!