How to Survive Heat with Hydrated Skin

Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Iron, Calcium. Easy, let’s not decorate the periodic table. These are just a few of the minerals that help us to maintain healthy skin. Because after all, the skin is our first priority, and do not feel shy to tell your age to the people around us. You can buy vitamin c serum from online drug store. It will help you to hydrate your skin and reduce wrinkles. These vitamins and minerals can help you to look young and gorgeous.

What is this about Mineral Salts?

They are essential nutrients for the proper functioning of the metabolism and, consequently, of the skin. As our body does not produce them, they must be ingested in a balanced way for healthy and hydrated skin. Many of them have already consumed them without realizing it and are even part of our pantries. Examples:

Selenium – Can be found in tomatoes, corn, and other cereals.

Zinc – In eggs, fish, and meat in general.

Sulfur – Like Zinc, it can be eaten through fish, eggs, meat, and other foods such as beans or cabbage.

 The problem is that minerals are a precious commodity for our organism, and all organs want them – which means that the amount needed for the skin is not always leftover, one of the last to be served in the distribution of these nutrients.

What is the influence of heat on the skin?

We have already started thinking about holidays and planning afternoons of sun and rest by the sea. But hot days are largely responsible for the loss of many nutrients through sweating. The skin becomes dehydrated and becomes an easy target for everyday aggression. Summer is, therefore, responsible for aggravating the mineral deficit that the skin complains about all year round, and it is also the ideal time to try to restore the balance. But how can we go in search of minerals lost when high temperatures press?

How can we moisturize the skin in the summer?

Drink a lot of water

Maintain a balanced, mineral-rich diet

Favor foods with high concentrations of magnesium, lithium, sulfur, or silicone, which promote the production of collagen and help the recovery of cells

Always have Thermal Water close by – rich in minerals and especially suitable for use throughout the day (even on top of make-up) to refresh and hydrate.

Mineralizing Water and Hyaluronic Acid of natural origin; this new fortifying concentrate reinforces the skin’s barrier function moisturizing and toning it. This daily gesture helps to supplement the skin with minerals and making it stronger and resistant to external aggressions. Here are the 7 easiest tips to manage your skin.

And finally, always keep this thought in mind: if we care so much about our heart, our head, or our weight, how can we not give priority to the largest organ in the human body: the skin?