How to Successfully Pitch on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most common social media platforms, but it must evolve and grow to keep users active. Instagram posts are one of the most popular items you can pitch to brands, whether you’re negotiating paying merchandise offers or just getting started with gifted trades. In the year 2020, Instagram will be one of the most successful social media sites. Instagram has over a billion daily users, according to reports.

That’s a lot of people, and it’s going to get a lot of publicity. Instagram stories are a fantastic deliverable to use in a brand pitch. IG stories are a perfect way to stay in touch with your followers outside of the Instagram feed. You can get Paid Instagram followers for a strong visual impact of brand. Instagram stories will include still images as well as videos. In any brand partnership pitch, I normally include Instagram story frames. I’ve used Instagram stories to demonstrate how a product works, record an experience, and explain how clothes fit.

Before posting anything yourself, “Are you confident this is what your fans will like to see?” as you prepare to reveal something. A gallery of glossy photos of your products may come off as nothing more than a “buy now” pitch, which consumers would quickly tired of. It makes no difference if the images are well-taken and look slick and attractive. On Instagram, you’re up against people who post funny, touching, eye-catching, sad, and dramatic photos. What chance does a gleaming product image have in that situation? It is critical to share high-quality photographs, and you don’t need to be a professional photographer to do so.

High-resolution images are what you really want. Knowing where the customer comes from and what they care about will help you determine which relationships can benefit your audience and client and which will not. The aim of a collaboration is to promote a brand to a target group of prospective buyers, not to get free stuff. Brands like to collaborate with influencers who have the same target demographic as them, so look for brands who do so. Don’t expect the brand to sit down with you and find out what sort of arrangement the two of you can have. Determine the goals of the brand. Is it their intention to increase brand awareness? Maybe they’re trying to get people excited about a new product. Determine what they desire and come up with partnership suggestions about how you can assist them in achieving their objectives