Most of us have been there, done that. You are all dressed up looking slinky and ready to leave the house. You look gorgeous with the perfect silhouette, thanks to your slimming shapewear but the last thing you expect is your flawless look be ruined later. No one wants to spend the evening fidgeting or trying to hitch up their shapewear. If you have worn shapewear before, you know what a pain it is to have it rolling down. Shapewear is not only to make you look your best but wearing it will help boost confidence. However, with the undergarment rolling down, it can dampen your attitude. Here are some useful tips to stop the shapewear from rolling down.

Choose the Right Shapewear

There are many shapewear brands out there and some cheaper brands are made from lower quality fabrics which may lose their compression quickly. When choosing a high-waist shapewear that does not roll down, make sure it has spiral steel bones that helps it to stay in place like this high waist thong shaper below. This shapewear wholesale creates a sleek line from the waist to the butt while contouring the body curves.

The Shapewear Compression Level

The more support your shapewear has, the more easily it will stay up. You should look for styles that are made from firmer compression in order to avoid it from bunching up while sitting. A shapewear with high compression like this high waist body shaper buttock lifter that features a row of hook closure that flattens the tummy, cinch the waist and hips for a sleek hourglass shape.

Choose The Right Size

Wearing the correct shapewear size for your body is the key to avoid rolling down. If you wear size large on the size chart, do not purchase a smaller size shapewear for more shaping power. Sizing down will make your shapewear roll down on you.

Anchor It

You can try to tuck in your high-waist panty into a full shaper by tucking the top part under the bra strap. A little extra tucking can go a long way. If this is not strong enough to keep your shapewear in place, then you may want to try shapewear styles that hooks up to your bra strap like this 3 Clasps Thong Panty Shaper. This sexy shaper features three removable and adjustable clasps that can be fixed onto the bra to prevent it from rolling down. Its seamless design offers superb tummy control and smooths out any lumps and bumps.