How to Stay More Active Every Day

Regular exercises that last more than two and half hours every week helps to improve your balance and posture, while also making you more relaxed. Other benefits include keeping your joints fit, making joints more flexible, and also ensuring that you maintain the right weight.

But with the wide array of benefits that being active every day offers, many people wonder how they can remain active.

Here are 5 simple, yet effective tips that can help you stay more active every day.

1. Try a mix of activities

Go for aerobic activities such as swimming, dancing, and brisk walking. These help to make your heart beat faster, while also improving oxygen circulation around your body. Also, incorporate physical tasks that promote bone and muscle strength. These include digging the garden, carrying your children, and also walking up and down the stairs. Reduce the amount of time that you sit. Instead, keep moving for most of your time and drink more beverages such as green teas.

2. Go for moderate exercises

This is where you will be breathing a little harder, have a higher heart rate, but can still hold a conversation. Among the activities that you can try under this category include line dancing, ballroom dancing, brisk walking, and aqua aerobics.

3. Try a few vigorous exercises

These exercises require a higher level of concentration and stamina and are characterized by increased heart rate and harder breathing. Jogging, dance aerobics, and faster biking are among this array of exercises. Others include heavy digging, splitting logs, playing hockey, rugby, and netball among others.

4. Muscle strengthening

Muscle-strengthening exercises that are targeted at all the muscle groups in your body helps. Numerous exercise activities target the chest, legs, back, and abdomen. They include sit-ups, push-ups, carrying children, weight lifting, swimming, and cycling uphill among others. After your exercises, eat food that is rich in vitamins and other minerals. Check out more videos here.

5. Reduce your sitting time

When you have to sit for a long time, you can break it into short durations. Make sure that you move more during the day, taking the stairs instead of lifts and engaging in chores that help to raise your heart rate. Walk for longer distances in places where there is enough supply of fresh air. If your children are schooling nearby, you can walk them to school and back. Check around your place of residents if walks and other exercise-related activities have been organized. Consider doing more of the activities that you love because you stand a better chance of sticking with them for longer.

However, while you endeavor to remain active every day, remember that your safety comes on top of everything else. While trying to get active every day, you need to remember to put on safety gear such as helmets while cycling and buoyancy aids while sailing. Put on a hat while outdoors during the summer and wear sunscreens. Remember to keep yourself refreshed with drinks such as tea and others that have been proven to help with relaxation.