How to Start a Successful Career for Women in 2022

The representation of women in business has changed over the past several decades. Although women still remain underrepresented, it seems quite likely that soon, the world will finally get to the 50%50 share of men and women in the workplace. Things still depend on the position that women occupy. 

  • Support Staff – 47%
  • Professionals – 42%
  • Managers – 37%
  • Senior Managers – 29%
  • Executives – 23%

That’s the share of women in various fields. As you can see, the share is higher than it was before. Still, when it comes to leadership, there’s a lot of work to be done. On average, women have between 25% and 40% share in leadership in various regions. They comprise 39% of senior managers in Africa, 34% in the European Union, and 33% in North America. 

How to obtain a managing position for a woman? Is it something that depends on the resume? Then, probably you should google resume service near me and ask professionals to change it. But you don’t have to start from a small role and get promoted to become an executive. You can start from the top. You can always start your own business, which will grow. 

As your business grows, you will hire staff and become the CEO of your company. But that’s not necessary. Everything depends on the field of your business and your own aspirations. Your business can simply include just you and your customers. And if you don’t have any ideas about where to start with your business, you can check out the ideas below. 


Online Education

The COVID-19 pandemic re-shaped the way education is carried out. Students and professors alike had to learn how to transfer everything which has previously been done in class online. Although it seems that we are nearing the end of the pandemic, online education will remain. Who knows when the new pandemic will paralyze the world again?

But don’t take it as advice to become a college professor. Various online courses flourished during the pandemic, and they are here to stay. It’s always easier to learn something online from the comfort of your home. And the demand for personalized learning in various areas is constantly growing. 

You can do online classes with people or use pre-recorded classes and sell them, accompanied by study materials, to prospective students. By creating weekly sessions, you can cut down your expenses, keep the cost low, and still provide top-notch training. Just pick up something you know really well, and make your first steps in business. 


Now, let’s say you are more on the creative side and prefer sharing your ideas and thoughts rather than teaching something. And you also prefer to work either from home or from wherever you might happen to be. The best option would be blogging. In your blog, you can write about whatever interests you and share it with your readers. 

Another great option is that you can easily schedule your work. You can write once a day, twice a week, once a month. Who cares? You can have no schedule at all, as it’s your blog. So, you can write about whatever and whenever you want. To achieve it, you need to create a website for it. And then start writing articles on the topic which appeals to you. 

If you enjoy traveling, you can start a travelog. People enjoy reading about various traveling destinations, especially when the author provides them with useful tips for their prospective journey. If you enjoy cooking, you can start a culinary blog and provide your readers with various recipes. And surely you can write about relationship issues and how to cope with them. 

Making money with blogging is quite easy. You need to write interesting articles that will attract visitors. You can increase the number of followers by creating an app for your blog. Besides, in doing so, you will be one of only a few bloggers who are currently using this method, which is actually nothing but a sea of possibilities. Just hire a developer who will create one for you and increase the number of your followers. 

Online Event Management

Going back to the COVID-19 pandemic and how it changed anything. Event management was flourishing before the virus hit the world. It was an extremely competitive field. But with the very first lockdown, it seemed that event management was on the verge of extinction. Initially, all events were canceled, and it seemed that there weren’t going to be any. 

However, event management gradually shifted online. Even when you are dealing with virtual events, you need management. You still need to pick the right time and find the right platform to host the event. You also need to make a clear agenda of it, find proper guests for it and promote the event as well. 

Even after the majority of pandemic restrictions are lifted, virtual events are still in high demand. Do you want a Canadian philosopher to speak with their German colleague? It can be done online. But there is still a lot of work to be done – proper platform, proper scheduling, proper promotion, etc. And doing these things online is not as easy as it may seem. 

You can’t go to the venue several hours before the event to make sure that all is intact. There’s no venue. You need to make sure that both of the guests don’t have problems with the internet connection. If you manage to gather a team of online event managers, you can create something absolutely new on the market. Or, you can create a hybrid agency that works both online and offline. 

Final Thoughts

These are just a few ideas that you can start your business with. There are thousands of ideas that you can pick online, ranging from a small-scale bakery to fitness courses. Also for finding new opportunities you can visit topresume resume review.   You can pick anyone you like. And if you have a unique business idea, which is not mentioned on any of the lists, you’re surely working on ways to materialize it.