How to Spot a Fake Designer Bag

The North American handbag market’s projected to be worth nearly $18 billion by 2028. The most expensive and exclusive of these bags are the trendy and fashionable designer bags. 

The cost of these luxury items is rising every season. With these rises in price, you end up with one fake designer bag for every genuine one.

Don’t get stung by a street vendor hawking fake designer products. This article will show you exactly how to avoid this trap. 

The Cost

The very first thing that should make you suspicious of a bag’s authenticity is the price. Brand new designer bags fetch a high price, that’s why they’re designer. Designer bags may well get discounted from time to time, but if you’re seeing a bag that usually costs $800 being sold for $100, then you know something fishy is going on. 

If you see a designer bag at a price that is too good to be true, then you should walk away. 

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Where The Fake Designer Bag is Being Sold

The next thing to look for when spotting fake bags is where the bag is getting sold. A real luxury bag will only get sold through reputable sellers or the brand itself. 

It’s incredibly unlikely that the designer bag being sold at the flea market or on the side of the road has a genuine origin. The people selling these fake bags can often be quite pushy, which is another sign that the bag isn’t real. 

Another thing to keep an eye out for is the amount of bags being sold. Oftentimes, manufacturers of luxury bags will restrict the amount of bags that each vendor can sell, so if you see countless versions of the same bag being sold by a street vendor, they’re most likely knockoffs. 


Things like the logo, the fabric, the stitching, and the styling, can all give away whether or not the bag is genuine. 


Pretty much all high-end designers will include a logo attached to a metal plate on their bags. These logos are all fairly easy to identify, and you’ll be able to spot if they’ve been faked. 

The most common things to look for are a misspelling of the brand’s name or a slight change in design. 

Fabric and Materials

Fake bags will always be made of a lower-quality material. The leather on the bag will feel more similar to plastic than the supple and shiny leather used to make real luxury bags. 

The Stitching 

Knockoff bags will quite often have sloppy and uneven stitching that gives away their lack of quality. Always keep an eye out for neat, tight, even stitches along the seams of the bag.

Don’t Fall For a Fake Bag

Spotting a fake designer bag is a case of looking out for a few key things. Keep the pointers in this article to hand and you’ll ensure that you don’t end up paying your hard-earned money for a fake accessory. 

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