How to solve the problems at Kubet

When you engage in online gaming, you are bound to encounter problems. Issues with deposits are one of the common challenges you may face. But don’t worry, Kubet is here to help you tackle these problems.

Provide incorrect personal information

Remember that there is a limited number of failed card-based deposit attempts allowed on your Kubet account per day.

If you have used up all of your attempts for the day, you may encounter a pop-up message when trying again.

Before making another attempt, double check that the information you have entered is correct and that your account has enough funds to complete the transaction.

After the bank/credit card has been verified, players can try to deposit again. If the attempts continue to be unsuccessful, they will not be able to use that card to process any transactions on Kubet for one day.

Altering the payment method

Before carrying out any transactions on the Kubet thailand website, kindly check the Deposit page to verify or modify your payment details.

When funding your Kubet account, the system is obligated to distribute the withdrawal request evenly among the payment options you have used to fund your account. After reviewing the request, we will send you an email to confirm the cash delivery location.

Note that your Kubet account can only hold up to five credit/debit cards. In case you want to add a new card, you may have to deactivate an existing one.

Duration of deposit processing

The duration of completing your deposit is dependent on the payment method used.

Removing a debit/credit card from Kubet account

As your Kubet account can only hold a maximum of five debit/credit cards, you may have to remove an existing card to add a new one.

To do this, navigate to the “Card Manage” option under the “Banking” menu in the “Account” menu and click the “Remove” button next to the desired debit or credit card to deactivate it.

Rejected Deposits

If your deposit on Kubet is rejected, it can usually be quickly resolved. Here are some potential solutions:

Check that the payment information is correct and update it if necessary on the Kubet deposit page. You can also update this information by going to the Account menu, selecting Bank, and then Manage Cards.

Ensure that you have correctly entered your CV2 number, which are the last three numbers located on the signature line on the back of your card.

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Verify that your bank account has sufficient funds to cover the deposit.

In some cases, card providers may refuse to process transactions on Kubet due to reasons outside of our control. If this happens, we suggest contacting your card issuer.


In case of an emergency, Kubet’s customer support team is available to assist you. Reach out to them for prompt help.