Despite wearing personal protective equipment and high-visibility clothing, road construction workers can become involved in serious or fatal accidents. Unfortunately, it might be due to reckless driving, impaired visibility, or a vehicle overturning.

As spring and summer will soon arrive, roadworks will start cropping up on streets, interstates, and highways. To ensure your business is fully prepared for roadwork season, check out these top tips on how to set up a safe road construction site.

Create a Transportation Management Plan

An effective transportation management plan is crucial for every road construction project. For example, you must introduce a temporary traffic control system to keep your employees safe around and at the site. Also, create a traffic control plan to manage the flow of construction vehicles, heavy equipment, and employee cars.

Warn Motorists of a Road Construction Zone

It is essential to provide motorists with advanced warning of a road construction zone. The signage must alert drivers of changes to driving conditions, and you must introduce traffic control devices for lane closures, work areas, a buffer area, etc. For example, you can control traffic using barriers, cones, barrels, or signs. In addition to installing advanced warnings, you must add signage to indicate when a work zone has come to an end.

Improve Visibility

As road construction workers may need to work from day to night in various conditions, visibility must be a top priority. For example, you must provide every person on-site with high-visibility, reflective clothing to ensure they are visible to motorists.

Also, it is vital to install effective lighting on vehicles to serve as a hazard or warning sign. A flashing amber beacon is a great choice, as it will grab the attention of drivers passing by the site, which will increase safety. Don’t forget to increase lighting when working at night but be careful the systems don’t impair motorists’ vision.

Embark on Daily Safety Inspections

Daily safety inspections will protect your workforce on a highway, street, or interstate. Management must review safety equipment, protocols, and first aid supplies each morning.

Encourage Employee Responsibility

Encourage every employee to walk around the road construction site to spot possible hazards. Instruct them to do so at the start of each shift to maintain their own and colleagues’ safety. Also, inform them to remain vigilant of their surroundings at work to prevent avoidable accidents.

Provide Safety Training Programs

Safety training programs will keep every member of staff safe at the roadside. The training can be delivered online to make it easier for staff to read information and refresh their memories at their leisure. By providing training, your employees will act more responsibly when moving through a highway work zone.

Ban Personal Smartphones

Despite wanting to provide your employees with an enjoyable working life, you must ban personal smartphones on a road construction site. While employees should be free to use them in a designated safe area, they must not use the devices at the roadside to ensure they are fully engaged and monitor their surroundings.

Now you know how to set up a safe road construction site.