There is a platform named Coindirect that helps you sell bitcoins in the following steps: 

  • Start by making an account on Coindirect and enter your personal information as required.
  • Select your preferred payment method so that buyers can pay you for the coins you sell them.
  • Visit the page that says ‘Sell Coins’ and selects any buyer you would like to make a transaction to.
  • Then, input the number of coins that you would sell to the buyer. 
  • Your order will be established. Buyers can easily pay you through the payment medium you chose. In case you don’t receive any payment in the first 90 minutes, whatever order was made would be cancelled. 
  • Once you receive money from the buyer, you can share the coins with them. 

Now, if you want to sell whatever digital product you have with the help of bitcoins, below are some steps that you can follow and make sure that the process is simpler and convenient for you.

  • Easy Digital Downloads 

Short for EOD, it is a plugin of WordPress that is quite versatile and user-friendly. It has a lot of innovative features such as discount codes, analytics, a complete shopping cart, an account page for customers, protection for products, support for extensions, and so much more. 

Once the plugin is installed and ready to go on the backend, you can use all such features. Moreover, you can also control the digital products lying on that page.

Final Word:

This is an amazing tool if you want some amazing and latest features. Where they have tremendous functions, you need to understand what their limitations are as well. 

  • It’s a plugin of WordPress only and you will want to create your website there so you can use it easily.
  • You will have to integrate your plugin with another so that at the end of the day, you can get bitcoin payments to your account easily.
  • It provides support for all such digital files: videos, e-books, photos, music, and software. However, it does not provide support for other products that exist digitally, like, codes, products, services, serial, etc.
  • Blockonomics 

A payment gateway with its services spread to some online stores like Magento, WooCommerce, OpenCart, PrestaShop, etc. They also provide the service of payment buttons or URLs that let you and buyers connect whenever a digital product is on sale. Also, it has some amazing features: 

  • The first ten payments or transactions you make will be free. From there onwards, only 1% would be free.
  • Their product page is not very unique. 
  • To use this platform, you need basic knowledge of technology. 
  • It only supports cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.
  • Its goods/products include digital files and don’t share things with links.

Final Word: 

If you want zero technicalities and minimal functionality, Blockonomics is your go-to tool. With its amazing features, if you think it does not have certain limitations, then you might be wrong. Let’s have a look at its particular limitations below.

  • You don’t have any access to your digital goods and you cannot provide them somewhere.
  • However, it does offer support to access or even better, store the digital goods. 
  • The features of workflow and analytics are restricted.
  • It also offers very limited support for cryptocurrencies and provides assistance only for bitcoins.

In short, this is a very professional environment and it’s a tool that you can use if there are not any additional features.

  • Selly: 

Selly is a platform where you can establish your own stores online. This also helps in establishing a gateway for payment that you can opt for your digital goods. Moreover, it’s an all-in-one store that will help you in forming a personalised store that has various features such as coupon creation, blacklisting customers, using API for integration purposes, support for customers, and a lot more.


If we look keenly, we will understand that this is how the dynamics of the digital world work because very soon, we will adapt to the new environment until and unless we fully shape ourselves, we will not be able to move forward. We also need to be aware and know how to avoid losing money while trading, if start to get into the world of cryptocurrency.

So, step into this world and make sure you have everything in place to get started.