How To Select The Right Ayurvedic College?

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh is home to a large population. To serve this large population, colleges and institutes have cropped up in the state. Specifically, there are several Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery or BAMS college in MP. Ayurvedic medicine differs greatly from modern medicine. In the recent decades, the scope of traditional medicine has widened immensely in India & across the world. An increasing number of people are becoming aware of the benefits of Ayurvedic Medicine. To go about studying and earning a BAMS degree, one must first look for the right college.

Described below is the scope of the degree in India and abroad. This is followed by how to choose the best BAMS college.

Scope of BAMS

BAMS graduates are able to work in several capacities. Career and jobs scope is almost similar to that of a traditional Medical programme graduate. The most popular choice is as a doctor, specifically an Ayurveda Doctor. However, there are many other recruiting areas that a BAMS degree holder can look into. For instance, one can work as a Scientist, Researcher, Medical Officer, Sales, Pharmacy, Therapist, etc. In terms of recruiting industries, the relevant ones are Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Nursing, Education, Life Science, Spa and resorts, Government and private hospitals, etc. The average salary range across all job positions is between INR 3,00,000 to INR 5,00,000 LPA.

Teaching positions that a BAMS graduate can look into are available. Some universities could ask for a higher education degree in Ayurveda for the teaching position. Job positions like Junior Professor or as an Assistant to a full-time professor can hire a BAMS graduate. Since the field has been recognized on an international stage, graduates with the right degree are hired in medicine manufacture, alternative medicine, and also research. Internationally too, many organizations seek Ayurveda experts.

How To Choose The Right BAMS College

Choosing the right college for a degree is necessary for long-term success. Generally, one would only look at how popular the college is and the course fee. However, there are more factors that should not be missed out on. All such factors have been described below.

Affiliations and Rankings: Ayurvedic colleges must be affiliated with proper Government departments. For instance, Mansarovar Ayurvedic Medical College, Bhopal is affiliated and approved by the CCIM Government of India (AYUSH). It is also affiliated with the highly ranked Madhya Pradesh Medical Health Science University. Look at the ‘About Us’ section to know the affiliations. For rankings refer to popular ranking lists like the NIRF of MHRD, The Outlook, India Today, etc. More the affiliations and rankings, the better for the college.

Campus Infrastructure: Infrastructure refers to the college buildings and laboratories. Proper infrastructure is necessary for students to have a smooth and comfortable education. A good BAMS College in Bhopalshould have a well-stocked and modern laboratory, IT Lab with high-speed internet, sports facilities and equipment should be present in all colleges. Look up the information on college infrastructure from the college website. Read through student reviews for more information on the college infrastructure.

Faculty and Student to faculty ratio: One factor that is important when choosing colleges is the faculty. A professor is more than just an educator. They help in not only teaching the course syllabus but also imparting important life skills to succeed. If one is researching Ayurvedic college in Bhopal, take a look at the faculty at the colleges. Pointers to look at are the qualifications and the work experience of the teachers. Other factors that are also equally important are the student-to-faculty ratio and class size. Ideally, the student-to-faculty ratio and class sizes should be smaller. The teacher should be paying more attention to the students themselves instead of delegating the work to a graduate student.

Student Accommodation: A good marker for a college is to have student housing on-campus. Many colleges also have official housing off-campus. Having hostels are important for students from a different state. Special attention should be paid to the facilities available at the hostels. Furnishings in the room, cafeteria, laundry, common areas, types of rooms available, rules and regulations, etc. Hostel life is often a memorable aspect of college life. Therefore, if hostel facilities are to be taken, research must be done on the chosen colleges’ existing accommodations. Information on the same is available on the official college website and from online student forums.

Placements: Placements season at colleges is an important time in a student’s life. A good placement department that provides the required support to students is a necessity. Placements records can be accessed for viewing from the official college website. Look for the highest package, lowest package, average package, recruiters, etc. The placement cell should also provide proper training and prepare the students for interviews.

Tuition and Fees: As mentioned in the section above, lack of proper funds hold back some of the best students from choosing a good institute. To avoid this, when researching for colleges, look up the course’s annual tuition fees. Thereafter, pay attention to the other fees that are to be paid along with the tuition fee. Some examples of fees and costs are laboratory, examination, and library fees.

Financial Aid: As a continuation of the previous pointer, is financial aid. Colleges allow students to apply for financial aid like scholarships from the centre and state Governments. Information on private and other departmental scholarships and financial aid are also available from the college office. Contacting the student office in colleges for information on financial aid should help in this regard.

Clubs and extracurriculars: Clubs and extracurriculars play an important role in shaping a student’s resume. Especially when choosing higher education institutions, look at the extracurriculars and clubs one took part in. Depending on the chosen degree, in this case, BAMS, look for the available clubs. Clubs like music, sports, debating, and academic clubs are present in most colleges. Look into the activities that are conducted at the clubs and competitions one can enter into. A quick look should be made at the past club activities and achievements too.