How to Select a Suitable Veterinarian for Your Pet in Dubai

Selecting the appropriate vet for your pet is something which you should invest in with your time and energy. A vet is the person who can save your pet’s life and also keep them healthy. The ideal time to search for a vet is before you actually need one. For instance, before taking the pet to your house, you should first find a suitable vet.

Similarly, in case you are shifting somewhere else, you should find a good vet there. This will save time and energy when your pet gets sick. Both you and your pet need to come at an agreement about a particular vet before settling on a permanent commitment of working with them. Below are some tips to keep in mind while choosing a veterinarian.

  1. Ask for personal recommendations

One of the best methods to get the right veterinarian is by asking recommendations from your friends and family members. Ask everyone in your close circle or anyone living with pets. Your contacts with pets might know about competent veterinarians which are worthy of a visit. Their recommendations are the first places you should be going to.

  1. Get a veterinarian having experience with treating dogs

Not all veterinarians have the same expertise and knowledge. There are different kinds of veterinarians which have a specialization in treating different kinds of animals. Some veterinarians have more expertise in curing rabbits and cats instead of other non-canine animals. You should definitely work with a veterinarian having experience in curing only dogs. Therefore, inquire how much experience a particular veterinarian boasts in treating dogs before you decide to work with them.

  1. Search for a licensed personnel

Even though most pet owners do not work with non-licensed personnels, it is not always the case. Make sure that your veterinarian is actually licensed in your area.

Moreover, check to see if other workers are licensed as you can also find yourself some registered veterinary technicians. You can also inquire about seeing their license or communicate with the state board of veterinary medicine for further information.

  1. Ask about their technique of approaching animals and medicine

A veterinarian is not only supposed to administer medication but to offer care for the pet. Veterinarians have different techniques when it comes to medicine and pets.

Therefore, you should discuss these crucial matters with your potential veterinarian and learn what they think about prevention issues and health, especially when it comes to dogs. If you find any dissimilarity in opinion, then you should visit other vets.

  1. Know the price and area

In case of an emergency, you have to reach your veterinarian office as soon as possible. Therefore, get settled on a veterinarian which is at least less than a 30 minutes drive away from your house. Depending on the veterinarian, the cost will vary. So, you have to make sure that you can afford to pay their prices before deciding to work with them.

  1. Both you and your pet should be relaxed

Having a comfort level with your veterinarian is crucial since you have to communicate all the details regarding your pet with them. Similarly, your pet needs to feel at ease with the vet in order to get treated.

Initially, some unease or discomfort will be felt by some dogs around the vet. However, you should not ignore if your dog is showing distress, anger or signs of fear towards the veterinarian as these are all the red flags.

  1. Search for a clean clinic

Walk around the veterinarian clinic and observe the level of cleanliness. If the clinic looks a bit dirty or faulty, then this is another red flag. Since a veterinarian clinic is a medical facility, it needs to be as spotless as a hospital. Here is a list of some of the best vet clinics and hospitals in Dubai.

Questions you should ask while choosing a veterinarian

The exact questions to ask a veterinarian depends on your pet’s age, breed, history and medical requirements. However, some useful basic questions are listed below.

  • What are your payment methods?
  • What are your working hours?
  • Do you have a pharmacy?
  • Do you accept insurance?
  • Do you accept walk-ins?
  • Do you offer dental treatment?
  • How do you tackle emergencies?
  • What is the cost of an office visit?
  • Can you do treatments and tests on-site?

How to ensure that a particular veterinarian is the right one?

This question creeps into the minds of all pet owners. However, this section will help you in this matter. With the following tips, you can definitely understand if a vet will be suitable for your pet.

  • Make a visit to the veterinarian without taking your pet first in order to fully observe the office. This is a good opportunity to see if the office is clean and nicely maintained. Have a chat with the staff to see if they are productive and friendly.
  • Know the office working hours and how they cope with emergencies. If the office includes more than one veterinarian, you should ask if you can meet the other vets as well.
  • Learn about the services, medicine and treatments they provide. In case your pet demands a test or an X-ray, will they carry it out in their office, or is there a need to go somewhere else?
  • Check out their philosophy or methodology and see if it matches with yours. All the veterinarians have different personalities. You will come across both to-the-point and friendly vets. You need a vet whose attitude matches with yours.

Wrapping it up

Personal recommendations are an effective way to initiate the vet hunt. However, a pet owner should still spend some time getting familiar with the vet and the staff members first. Know what their background and expertise is, and learn their approaches towards pets to see if it matches with yours.

You need to ensure that both you and your pet are comfortable with the veterinarian and their clinic. The vet will play a central role in your pet’s wellbeing and health. Therefore, do not end the vet hunt until you and your pet are satisfied.