How To Save Money While Shopping At The Food Giant Store

Do you think grocery shopping in a store like the Food Giant causes you to spend more money? Are you looking for ways to minimize your grocery expenses? If yes, you have come to the right place. Below are a few ways that can help you save money.

Create A Grocery List First

There is nothing worse than returning home from the store only to realize that you forget to buy something. Don’t make this mistake! One alternative is to keep a printed list on the clipboard in your pantry. This way, you can highlight the items as soon as you find something running low.

Before you create a grocery list, make sure to plan your meals around what you have in your pantry. If there is something that needs to be used up, plan a meal with this item. Then, create a list based on what you need.

Shop Early To Find The Fresh Produce

When it comes to buying the freshest produce, moving to the store in the early morning is the best bet. Most of the retailer stores often stock their shelves with fresh fruits and vegetables before work hours. And, shoppers start shopping as early as 8 in the morning. It means that the fresh produce doesn’t long last in the store.

Thus, if you want to buy fresh food items, plan your shopping trip during the morning hours. Don’t forget to see the Food Giant weekly Ads & flyers before you go out shopping.

Join The Food Giant’s Flexible Rewards

Sign up with the Food Giant’s to join the store’s flexible rewards and earn 300 points on your next purchase! You can use these points on the following-

  • Free products are displayed weekly in the Special Rewards gallery.
  • $3 in grocery savings for 100 points redeemed.
  • $0.30 off per gallon of gas for every 100 points redeemed.

Thus, you get a giant upgrade and earn points on every purchase with personalized offers every week.

Pay With Cash To Stick To Budget

The reason behind creating a grocery list is to avoid overspending and stick to the budget. If you fix a grocery shopping budget, you can easily see how much you have spent or how much you can spend more. Also, it helps you make smart choices because you shop while ensuring that your budget lasts.

If you pay via a credit card, it could help you get rewards. However, if you pay via cash, it will reduce your spending up to half. Make sure to see Food Giant Weekly Ads find the best deals.

Limit Your Shopping Trips

If you visit the store frequently, you will end up buying more than required. Furthermore, when you head to the store on an empty stomach, you tend to buy more food items that you don’t even need. One way to avoid your shopping trips is to create a list, review it many times, and then plan to visit the store.

These are handfuls of tips that can help you save a lot of money on grocery shopping.