How to Save Money When Shopping at Walmart

Do you enjoy shopping at Walmart as much as I do? Here’s how you save money while shopping at Walmart. Then these tips will enhance your shopping experience.

#1 One-Click Grocery Ordering

Do you have no time to peruse Walmart’s aisles, or maybe you simply don’t want to? Use the Walmart website or app to do your grocery shopping online instead!

Online grocery shopping is not only easy, but it’s also time and money-saving! There is no extra charge for purchasing online, paying online, and picking up your food in the store!

#2 Receive A $10 Discount on Your Groceries

Save $10 on your first $50 or more purchase if it’s your first-time using Walmart’s online grocery shopping service! Get a discount by using the promo code WOWFRESH at checkout.

Send a friend and get a $10 credit! They’ll get a $10 discount on their first supermarket purchase, and in return, you’ll get a $10 coupon code.

#3 Enjoy Order Pickup Discount

Walmart is currently giving discounts on some online-only goods that may be picked up rather than shipped. Even though the pickup reductions aren’t large, they might add up when you consider how much money you’ll save on shipping as well. Find out more about Walmart’s pickup savings by clicking here.

#4 Buy Store Brand Groceries 

In terms of supermarket products, Walmart’s primary private label is the Great Value label. Many Conagra brand goods, it seems, are made on the same premises as Great Value brand things are!

According to a number of sources, Great Value brand spices, Green Giant canned veggies, and Cool Whip whipped topping are all the same. Even though I can’t personally testify to the validity of these claims, I encourage you to give them a go!

#5 Notice Clearance Tags

Clearance tags may reveal more than just the item’s retail price! A price that ends in “7” indicates the item’s original price, while a price that ends in “5” indicates that the item has been reduced in value.

#6 Use Overages Coupon

As a rule, Walmart accepts “overages” when customers use coupons. To put it another way, if a $2 coupon is good for a loaf of bread, but the price is only $1.97, the additional $0.03 is an overage.

This is a wonderful perk of Walmart’s policy, which permits overages to be applied to other goods in your shopping cart.

#7 How to Get Meat and Bread at a Discounted Price

You may save up to 50% on meat and bread that are nearing their expiry dates if you’re prepared to take a risk. Half-priced bread may be found on the bakery’s day-old racks, and meat can be found on sale late at night. You can find more about it on

#8 Check the Latest Prices on Your Phone

What if you’re shopping at Walmart and you can’t discover the price of an item? It’s easy to discover a product’s pricing on Walmart’s app by scanning the barcode on the product.

#9 Take Advantage of After Christmas Sales

Three days following the holiday is the greatest time to get huge discounts on Christmas products at Walmart. The day following the holiday, holiday things are priced down 50%, but after three days, they’re discounted down 90%!

10. Choose a Gluten-Free diet

When it comes to Walmart’s Great Bargain brand, gluten-free products are the best value of all! Great Value’s gluten-free products are sometimes half the cost of similar name-brand products.