How to remove tape from your hair system

If you’re using wig tape to attach your hair system, the chances are you’ll need to remove it on your own. While this is not exactly difficult, it’s not easy either as it requires a particular approach. Removing it the wrong way can damage your hair system and nobody wants that.

First and foremost, we recommend using an adhesive solvent such as the Walker C-22 Solvent or the KP Pro Solvent to help remove tape from your hair system base. It’s extremely important that you use a solvent to remove the tape. Removing the tape manually without any solvent could potentially damage the toupee hair system and remove parts of the base and hair as well.

Step 1: Get your adhesive remover ready

When you’re ready to take off your hair system, have your adhesive remover or solvent like C-22 or KP Pro ready.

Step 2: Apply the solvent

Take a hold of your toupee hair by the edge using your thumb and index finger and lift it slightly. If you’re unable to lift it, that is also alright as long as you can grab an edge of the base. Spray the solvent where the tape meets the base. Or if you’re unable to lift it, just spray the edge of the base. Do the same for the rest of the base around the perimeter or wherever you have used tape. Once this is done, check to see if you’ve missed any area and apply more if required.

Note: Don’t worry about the solvent product leaking into your hair. They are designed to not damage your hairpiece.

Step 3: Lift the tape off

Don’t lift the wig tape up right away after Step 2. You need to wait for the solvent to set in and do its job of loosening and weakening the adhesive. After you wait two to three minutes, begin lifting the tape off using your fingernails. Alternatively, you can also use tweezers if needed.

Note: Do not wait too long for the solvent, otherwise, it could evaporate. If this is the case, you will need to reapply the solvent or adhesive remover.

Step 4: Remove the tape

Gently continue lifting the wig tape of the base. Don’t force it up or you may pull hair through from the other side of the base. If a particular area is too stubborn, feel free to use more adhesive solvent to let it loose.

Note: Red Liner Tape, in particular, can be a bit of a struggle to remove if you’re using a poly skin hair system. You can use tweezers to separate the tape. If it’s a little stubborn, feel free to use your free hand to apply a little bit of force, but again, be as gentle as possible.

Step 5: Let the base dry

Once you’ve removed the tape, allow any leftover solvent to evaporate until the base is completely dry. Once that’s done, you can go ahead with cleaning the base entirely.


And there you have it — you should now be able to confidently remove tape from your toupee and do it without inflicting any damage on the base!


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