How to remove smoke odour from your car easily?

Cars have become a convenient option for different types of commute purposes over the last few decades. Most people use cars for personal use. This personal usage made it a symbol of status in society. People are now trying to find the Best used cars in Tamilnadu for keeping their state up. After getting the best vehicle, it is necessary to keep it clean outside and inside. A clean automobile will show the personality of the owner. 

The dirt on the exterior can wash off, but cleaning the interior requires special care. The chance of any odours from various smoke particles is unavoidable. Smoking inside the car can increase this problem. This odour can give a negative assessment over the owner, and cleaning it is necessary. Cleaning smoke odour from the car interior is no easy task. Some of the most common methods of avoiding smoke odour are,

  • Routine cleaning: Routine cleaning can considerably reduce the effect of any odour. If the person has smoking habits, this cleaning is compulsory to avoid the smoke odour inside the car. Inside a car, the smoke and the ashes do not have many places to go. So it sticks around and causes a faulty smell. It can cause discomfort to other passengers, and it is not good if the person likes to keep his status up. Routine cleaning will help in removing all the particles that can cause a foul odour.
  • Vacuum cleaning: A considerable space inside the car consuming by fabrics of seat and floor. The smoke particles entering these fabrics will not be easy to clean. It needs a deep cleaning to remove such particles thoroughly. Only a high power vacuum cleaner can achieve this. The vacuum cleaner will engulf all the smoke molecules attached to the fabrics and reduce the odour considerably. Before buying the Best used cars in Tamilnadu, make sure they have undergone thorough cleaning.
  • Wiping with dryer sheet: It is a quick method of removing smoke odour. These sheets have liquid softeners, which help in the easy absorption of smoke particles. It is beneficial for most surfaces of the car and especially suitable for cloth seat covers. The fragrance particles in such sheets can produce a fresh scent inside the car.
  • Using charcoal: Charcoal is applying in a wide variety of safety equipment due to its ability to absorb the gas. The same methodology can be used for removing the smoke particles from the car. Keep a bowl filled with charcoal while stationary, and leave it there until the next journey. It will absorb a large number of particles. It is usually employed after cleaning with a vacuum or dryer sheet to ensure complete cleaning.
  • Letting the air in: During a long journey, it is not feasible to clean the car occasionally. To reduce the effect of smoke odour, let the airflow through the vehicle. It will sweep the smoke out of the automobile and will prevent sticking onto the interior fabrics. Ensure the air is clean, dust is low, and otherwise, the interior will get dirty.
  • Air recirculation: For further cleaning, the person can turn on the recirculation function on the vehicle. In this mode, the car will recirculate the air inside it, and filters will reduce smoke. This method is only feasible in automobiles with decent filtering systems.
  • Using car air fresheners: For quickly masking the odour of smoke, a person can use air fresheners. These devices will produce a pleasant scent, and with the help of an air conditioning system, they can spread throughout the interior quickly. This method will hide the foul odour of smoke in an emergency and makes it comfortable for other passengers.

Preventive methods

The cleaning of smoke is not easy, so the best way to avoid the problem is to take preventive methods. It avoids the hassles of cleaning and hiding the foul smell due to smoke.

  • Do not smoke inside the vehicle: Smoking is not healthy, but for many people, it is not easy to avoid it. Due to the habit, they tend to smoke occasionally. But unlike other places, smoke inside the car has nowhere to go. Thus it gets stuck inside, and the molecules penetrate deep into the fabrics. Over time, these particles will still keep producing a foul smell. So avoid smoking for better health and car with a pleasant scent.
  • Use proper ashtrays: The ashes from the cigars can fly inside the car and get stuck to all parts. It is not easy to clean the ash from every corner of the vehicle. So those with a habit of smoking should keep a suitable ashtray inside the car.