How to Reduce Negative Marking in Defence Exams?

More often than not, candidates appearing for the defence exam get afflicted by the fear of negative marking. They remain on hot bricks while attempting the questions. So, which thing can act as a panacea to their fear and anxiety? Candidates need to follow a systematic routine during their preparation phase. Additionally, they can adhere to smart ways while studying for the exam. Those who are in the habit of appearing for competitive exams can easily manage to reduce the risk of negative marking. On the other hand, those who are novice to defence exam preparation may need proper assistance. They can go through this article to know effective ways for minimising risk of negative marking in the exam. 

The defence forces of India conducts multiple exams to churn out capable personnel. Many youngsters appear for the NDA exam after 12th class. Preparing for this exam without proper guidance is quite hard. So, seeking help from an illustrious institute that is proficient in delivering NDA coaching in Chandigarh can serve great help. While preparing for any defence exam, make sure you put in sturdy efforts to score high. For this, you need to make suitable efforts to reduce negative marking. 

Here are some suitable tips and tricks that can help you in reducing negative marking in defence exams:

  1. Skip questions you are not sure of

It is advisable to answer the questions you are sure about. Never commit this mistake of frittering your time over questions you are not sure of. However, don’t skip too many questions, as it can reduce your overall score. Therefore, you need to attempt the questions smartly in the defence exams. If you wish to attempt all questions in the exam, make sure you cover all topics while preparing.

  1. Refrain from guessing blindly

A blind guess is just a fluke, it may increase your marks or lower it. When it comes to appearing for the defence exams, better not to rely on your luck. Instead, work hard enough to become dextrous in every subject. We recommend you attempt the question, if you know how to solve it.

Many candidates follow this practice by ticking the random answers on OMR just during the last minutes. You can use the last hours to revise your answer sheet and make changes wherever possible. Therefore, never afford to tick the answers you are not confident about. It can only reduce your overall score. 

  1. Read questions carefully

It is advisable to candidates that before answering any question, they need to read it completely. A majority of candidates mark the answer quickly without reading the questions carefully. Note that it’s almost impossible to change your answers in the OMR sheet after marking it. So, ingrain the habit of reading every question carefully, then answer it. Merely doing this can also aid in increasing your overall score in the defence exams. 

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  1. Make notes while learning

Making notes is the best way to memorize and retain concepts for a longer period of time. Also, writing while learning is an excellent strategy to understand the concepts. It’s essential to prepare detailed notes on the theory subjects. For practical subjects like quants and reasoning, you can prepare brief notes on short tricks and formulas. These notes can work wonders while revising during the final hours of preparation. Additionally, you can give a bird’s eye view to every concept before entering the examination hall. This way you’ll be able to answer maximum questions in a limited time frame. 

  1. Practice maximum mock tests

Solving mock tests is a sure shot way to improve your scores in the defence exams. These tests are framed as per actual exam pattern and syllabus. You can easily replicate the experience of exams and boost your confidence to appear for exams. So, try to solve at least two or three mock tests each day to brush up on your knowledge. This way you’ll be able to answer maximum questions in a limited time. Also, chances are you’ll not lose marks by means of negative marking. 

  1. Avoid answering in last minute

Candidates often feel anxious and pressured during the last minutes of the exam. Chances are they mark the incorrect answer in haste and lose maximum marks in the exam. Instead, candidates can use their last minutes to overview their answer sheet and make valid corrections. Doing this can help you score high and you may commit less mistakes.

  1. Avoid stress

Attempting questions under stress can make you mark wrong answers. So, before you enter the examination hall, make sure your head is clear and free from stress. If you feel anxious or stressed in the examination hall, you can take deep breaths. Additionally, you can practice meditation regularly during your preparation phase to avoid any kind of tension. So, keep your chin up and be positive while preparing for the exam. 

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Every candidate appears in the defence exam with the intention to clear it. However, it is possible when you’ll score high in the exam. The only way to score high in the exam is to reduce negative marking. If you are incognizant to the ways through which you can reduce negative marking, then go through the aforementioned points. Adhere to these points and clear the defence exams with flying colours.