How to Pull Off a Sporty Casual Style for Every Occasion

Popularized by famous celebs like Beyonce and fashion models Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, sporty chic is a popular style that combines athletic clothing with chic accessories. 

The result is a cool and sporty look that is highly comfortable, versatile, and ultra-trendy. 

The best part about a sporty chic look is that although it looks casual, it’s also trendy enough for everyday wear. From work to running errands to going out with your girlfriends, sporty chic is both cool and fashionable yet versatile enough it can be dressed up or down for any occasion. You just need to follow a few style tips to avoid looking frumpy! 

Here is our guide on how to pull off a sporty casual style and look classy, not careless. Follow these tips to incorporate this versatile and trendy look into your wardrobe. 

  1. Sporty Sneakers

Sneakers are a must-have if you’re trying to pull off a sporty look. To get the ultimate sporty-chic aesthetic, you can never go wrong with white sneakers. They’ll match almost any outfit and add a classic finish to any sporty chic look. Go for low tops or high tops, but avoid actual athletic shoes unless you actually plan to work out. 

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  1. Wear Joggers

Wearing sweatpants outside of the home might feel risky to some fashion-conscious women. But if you want to pull off a sporty-chic style, a pair of tailored joggers is a must. The trick to looking chic and not frumpy is to wear a pair of joggers that are well-tailored to your body, clean, and freshly ironed.

Avoid joggers with straight or wide-legged styles as these can look weird with most of the footwear styles popular today. Make sure you choose a style that has a skinny fit and tapers at the ankle. 

  1. Go–to Tee

Any woman hoping to pull off the sporty-chic style should have a few go-to tees in their closet. Basic tees in neutral colors like black, white, or gray will go with any sporty style that you put together. Oversized tees look great with leggings while tailored tees can be worn with jeans, shorts, or skirts. 

For a classic look, try pairing a tee with a pair of high-waisted joggers or a pair of leggings for a classic, athlete-wear style. 

  1. Sport a Jersey

Nothing shows off your sportiness more than a jersey! Wear an oversized jersey paired with leggings for a classic sporty style or choose a cropped jersey for a bold and sexy look. You don’t even need a favorite sports team, many brands sell jerseys that don’t represent any particular team or logo. 

If you need some more inspiration, check out Vogue’s four simple tricks to styling a jersey. They’ve got great advice on how to keep an outfit with a jersey both low-key and stylish. 

  1. Add leggings

Leggings are not only stylish and comfortable, but they also offer unrestricted mobility for working out or running errands. You can style a pair of black leggings with practically anything too – from an oversized jersey to a basic tee or sweatshirt. 

Although black leggings are a classic, feel free to change them up with other colors like gray or navy. They all work for a classic, sporty look. You can even try an ultra-stylish choice like leather leggings, mesh paneling, or other trendy details.