One of the great pleasures of enjoying wine is creating a wine collection of your preference and taste. Selecting and buying the right brand from wine shop Australia only forms part of the process.  They also need to be stored properly. 

A well-preserved wine can go for decades or even centuries and it will keep on increasing in quality and value. Poor storage on the other hand can lead to the spoilage of even the greatest wines in the universe. 

So how can you preserve wine to ensure longevity? It is very simple. Here are some of the ways that can help you store your wine effectively.

Store wine away from light and vibrations

Whether you are storing your wine for days, weeks, or even months, always ensure that you store it in the dark as much as possible. Direct sun rays can mess with the wine’s flavors and aromas.

Also ensure that the wines are away from any sources of vibrations such as the washer, stereo system, or exercise room. The vibration disturbs the sediments in the wine bottle thereby messing with the delicate process that makes the wine age favorably.

Wine bottles should be stored horizontally

For wine bottles with corks, ensure that you store them horizontally in a wine rack. Storing wine bottles on their side helps keep the cork moist. This is important for long-term storage, as a dry cork can cause premature aging and seepage. 

While it may not be necessary to store the wine bottles on their sides, horizontal storage is nevertheless a very efficient way to store your wine bottles for easy access.

Store wine at the correct temperatures

Of all the factors affecting the quality of your stored wine, the temperature is considered the most important. Unfavorable warm or cold temperatures will lead to your wine getting spoiled.

Generally, the ideal temperature range for long or short-term storage of wine should range from 10 to 15 degrees, but this varies from wine to wine. Therefore, it is always advisable to consult with the manufacturer of the said wine.

Regardless of the type, wine should never be stored below -4 degrees as this will cause the wine to freeze. It should also not be stored above 20 degrees as this will accelerate the aging process and also destroy volatile compounds. Always avoid temperature fluctuations as they can cause expansion or contraction of the cork allowing air to seep in. most importantly, make sure your wine storage temperature is kept as stable as possible.

Ensure proper humidity

Extreme humidity in your storage area will affect the longevity of your wine. With lower humidity levels, the wine bottle cork dries out leaving your wine vulnerable to the effects of oxygen. 

High humidity on the other hand causes the bottle labels to peel off making them difficult to display or even sell. Generally, your storage area humidity should range from 60% to 70%.


Once you have acquired your preferred wine taste from wine shop Australia, you want it last as long as you would like it to stay.  Storing and preserving wine might seem to be a lot of work and difficult, but it is quite straightforward. 

You only need to understand the above principles of wine preservation for you to control the shelf life of your wine effectively.