How to Prepare Your Outdoor Power Equipment for Winter

With colder, darker nights and the sun rising later in the morning, it’s clear winter is almost here. It helps to be prepared so there are plenty of things to get done before the frost, ice and snow hits. Consider packing away your outdoor furniture to protect it from weather damage and testing your heating to make sure it’s fully functional before you need it. Clearing your gutters of leaves and debris is another important step to take before winter, as build up can affect your house’s pipes and drainage.

One thing you may not have considered is how to prepare your outdoor power tools for the winter elements. Things like lawn mowers, leaf blowers and gardening trimmers should be cleaned and carefully stored to ensure they stay in good working order and are ready to be used again come spring. Here, we outline the steps you should take to prepare your outdoor power equipment for the colder season. 

Spring/summer tools

Any power tools you won’t be using over winter should be cleaned and if required, serviced, before packing them away for the winter. These tools include lawnmowers, leaf blowers and hedge trimmers. 

Thoroughly clean each tool as set out in the manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure you carry this out safely by unplugging it from the power source and being especially cautious when near any sharp blades which could cut you. Always wear protective gloves and never touch the blades directly, to avoid injury. It’s easier to clean a lawnmower or trimmer just after use as the grass will still be damp. 

Once you have cleaned and serviced your tools, store them away for safekeeping over winter. Usually, a garage or garden shed is an ideal spot, but check what’s suggested in the instruction manual to ensure your equipment is correctly stored. 

Winter tools 

Any power tools you need to access over winter should be stored away until you need them. This includes items such as electric snow ploughs and outdoor generators. Consider storing any equipment you expect to need during the winter season closer to the entrance of the storage space, to make it easier to access it when you need to. 

Check each item has been cleaned properly since it was last used. If anything requires additional cleaning, check the manufacturer’s instructions to find out how to clean the item correctly and safely. Again, ensure you take safety precautions like wearing protective gloves and removing the tool from the power source, to avoid any accidents. 

It’s important to test each tool to make sure it’s functioning correctly, as well as checking the power cables for wear. An electric tool should be professionally serviced or repaired if it’s not in full working order. Ensure you choose a reputable repair company to carry out the service. Ask friends or neighbours for recommendations or contact the manufacturer of the tool and ask for a list of recommended repairers.