How To Prepare for Sleepy Time, Each and Every Night

Are you having trouble preparing your child for bed?

Drastic changes in sleepy time habits are often challenging for both parents and children. It’s essential for both you and your child to follow an evening ritual that comforts them and prepares them for slumber.

Here are some of our favorite bedtime games that are perfect for both kids and adults. Read on!

Creating a Sleepy Time Routine

Start by establishing a sleepy time, and try to stick to it even on the weekends. Make sure to dim the lights an hour before bedtime to help your body produce melatonin, a hormone that helps you feel sleepy.

Avoid using electronic devices, such as phones and computers, before bed, as the light from these devices can suppress melatonin production. Avoid eating or drinking too much before bed, as doing so can make it harder to fall asleep.

Setting the Mood for a Restful Night

Starting off 30 minutes before you plan to sleep, begin winding down and unplug from technology. Create a calming atmosphere in your bedroom with low lighting, essential oils, and calming music.

A nightly routine is a time to yourself to stretch and practice some light yoga or mindfulness to relax your mind and body. If you are having trouble sleeping, try journaling some of your thoughts and feelings.

Diminishing Distractions in the Bedroom

This can be done by making sure the bedroom itself has fewer distractions and low lighting. This means unplugging all digital devices, turning off all noise sources, and placing away all items that could cause clutter or disrupt your routine.

When it’s time for sleep, make sure the room is at a comfortable temperature, with blankets and pillows in a comfortable position. If you need a television or noise source to fall asleep, turn off the source and either place it far away or close the door to the bedroom entirely. 

Adopting Relaxation Techniques

It is important to create a calm and serene environment for you to relax in. This can include dim lighting, comfortable bedding, and complete silence. Additionally, it is important to separate yourself from any stress that may be present in your life.

It is important to not think too much before you go to sleep mode and distract yourself by listening to some soothing music or reading a book. By creating a bedtime routine and implementing relaxation techniques, you can ensure your body and mind are getting the rest it needs.

Establishing an Early Bedtime Routine

This may include stretching, reading a book, or doing some light cleaning or organizing. Secondly, establish consistent bedtime rules that are understandable and enforced. This includes having a consistent bedtime, avoiding screens, and limiting caffeine intake after lunch.

Set up your bedroom with adjustable mattresses and a comfortable sleep environment. This includes lights being turned off, comfortable, cool temperatures, and minimal sound and light distractions. Taking a few extra minutes to establish an early bedtime routine each night can make a huge difference in your overall rest and relaxation.

Learn How to Prepare for Sleepy Time Today

It’s important to prepare mentally and physically before getting ready to sleep each night. Investing some time in winding down and giving yourself the time to relax will help you sleep better.

Make sure to stick to your regular sleep schedule and take time for yourself – it pays off in the long run. Start creating your own sleepy time routine today for a blissful night’s rest.

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