How to Play Leap Of Fortune at VN88 Easily

Playing Leap of Fortune on VN88 is an entertaining and easy experience that offers plenty of exciting rewards. This guide will walk you through the process of how to play, from placing a bet and spinning the reels to cashing out your winnings. So get ready for some fun, because playing Leap of Fortune at VN88 is just a few clicks away!

What is Leap Of Fortune?

Leap of Fortune is an exciting game created by the renowned provider Gameplay Interactive. Its well-designed graphics have drawn in a large number of players. The characters featured in the game are animals such as carp, turtles, golden frogs, and lotus flowers – all presented in stunning visuals.

To participate, players must place a bet, then hit the spin button to see if they get lucky. If 3 or more symbols align on a pay line – whether it’s vertical, horizontal, or diagonal – the player wins and will be rewarded with a prize. Specifically how to build, bet and pay in Leap Of Fortune:

  • Spindle: 3 reels x 3 rows
  • Winning line: 8 lines 
  • RTP by default is 97.11%.
  • Min and Max Bets: Depending on the player’s choice of currency, if 0.10 is chosen with eight rows, the total bet per spin will be 8.00

Rules of Leap Of Fortune

The rules of Leap Of Fortune are quite simple, before joining, players just need to spend a little time learning to be able to embark on games with many chances to win. Specifically:

General Rules

  • At the beginning of the games, the player must choose the bet per line for each spin.
  • After the spinning ceases, a paytable will be consulted to ascertain the payout based on any particular combination of symbols displayed.
  • The player’s total winnings will be displayed on the winning field.
  • Each payout will be calculated from left to right and top to bottom along the drawn line. The amount one can win is based on their stake multiplied by a symbol’s rate of return. Only the highest combination of wins is awarded – if multiple combinations occur, then your bet and spin shall be effectively void in that instance.

Some Icons in The Game: 

Mine Icon

The Landmine symbol will be featured prominently on all the reels, and its detonation of it will elicit a respin for that position.

Multiplier Symbol

The random box adds a thrilling element to each spin – increasing the intensity and multiplying winnings up to X-amount. When symbols on the reels match with the randomly generated symbol, they will be multiplied according to their value only once per payout. So as you turn those reels, remember that your luck could come with huge rewards.


Jackpot prizes will be multiplied by the betting line, but this offer is only available at bet levels 4 and 8.

Lucky Combination

Every combination has a unique payout ratio, and any gains from the combinations will be multiplied by your total stake – with the exception of 3 lotus, fish, and turtle symbols that are multiplied by the betting line.

How to Play Leap Of Fortune at VN88

VN88 is the premier online bookmaker in Vietnam and all of Asia, renowned for its quality services. Playing Slot games at VN88 will give players an unforgettable experience as they explore vivid graphics and generous payout rates while being sure that their information is secure with a top-notch security system. Plus, our amazing promotions are simply irresistible. For the game Leap Of Fortune, to join the game you just need to follow these steps :

Step 1: Access, Register and Log in to Your Account at VN88

First, players need to access the VN88 bookie. Then, proceed to register/login into an account according to the instructions form of the bookie.

Step 2: Choose The Game

Upon arriving at our homepage, the player should choose the Slot game from the main navigation bar and click on GPI Slots lobby. Once there, search for Leap Of Fortune – when you spot a yellow frog icon – to try it out or play now (if this is your first time playing). We highly recommend selecting “play” so that you can get familiar with all of its rules!

Step 3: Place a Bet

When the game interface appears, you’ll find the best levels offered by the bookie at its base. The maximum wager is 3200$, and for those of lesser means, a minimum of 12.8$ can be used to initiate bets on lines ranging from 0.2-50 with bet levels up to 8 – meaning players will have ample choice in choosing their level depending upon their funds available!

Step 4: Start Drawing Prizes

To conclude, simply hit the Spin button with a double-sided arrow to initiate your bonus spin. You’ll then see the symbols’ resulting display which will reveal whether or not you won and what reward awaits you. Don’t forget that there is also an automatic spinning option for added convenience; this feature can be used without having to reset any bet levels or the number of bets per row. All you have to do is press the Autoplay button and select your desired bet for each round. After completing a single round, the system will automatically spin its bonus – so just relax and wait! If luck’s on your side, any winnings from this bonus will be directly credited to your account in no time.

In-game Symbols Payout Ratio:

As expected, every symbol has a distinct payout with the golden frog emblem boasting the highest. For further information, take a look at the image:

Tips for Playing Leap Of Fortune at VN88

Playing Leap Of Fortune at VN88 is an exciting and rewarding experience, but it’s important to keep some key tips in mind. Make sure to always read the rules of the game before starting, as well as familiarize yourself with the various bonus features. It’s also a good idea to set a budget for yourself so that you don’t end up spending too much money per spin or betting more than you can afford. Finally, remember to take frequent breaks and not get too carried away! With these tips in mind, you’ll be ready to play Leap Of Fortune at VN88 with confidence.


Playing Leap of Fortune on VN88 is an enthralling experience that offers plenty of chances for generous rewards. By following this guide, you’re now ready to join the fun and start playing Leap of Fortune at VN88 with confidence. So what are you waiting for? Start spinning those reels and see if Lady Luck smiles upon you!