Smart home systems or, in other words, home automation, today allow you to do a lot – from controlling light and temperature to controlling the sound of audio systems and home and family security, using ordinary mobile devices for this. Let’s figure out what you need to use these new technologies in your home, and you will understand that you do not have to be a millionaire to do this.

One more interesting thing concerning the topic everyone should consider is that you can do certain home improvements yourself. Visiting you will discover that such useful products as simple linear actuators can be successfully applied to convert your ordinary home space into an up-to-date environment where many things can work independently and automatically. You need to decide whether you need ready-made smart solutions or you want something special and individually designed. 

Step by step plan

Even home automation requires such a plan. Thanks to this, it becomes easier to assess the scope of work, to take into account all the stages that have become critical. It is customary to start with electrical wiring. If its wear and safety leave much to be desired, then the smart home is postponed until the current problems are fixed.

An automation project requires careful thought. After all, many systems require the presence of additional elements for control or power. The prospect of expanding the smart home in the future is also taken into account. First, you need to decide where they will put the devices, then you can start considering wiring.

Sometimes you can not do without connecting to the major wires. It is necessary to conduct a preliminary consultation with an electrician about this possibility.

The installation locations of sensors and controllers and the actuators are marked separately on the preliminary plan. Wireless varieties are best placed in the center of the room, when possible. And the more signal repeaters, the better. You need to know about the materials used and their features, and the ability to jam the transmission of information. In this case, the arrangement of housing is simplified.

Home Automation Options to Choose: Decide what you want

1. Security

Property security is considered to be one of the most desirable home automation benefits today. More and more families think about exactly this feature for their homes. There’s nothing unusual there, as it’s our natural human need to have a secure life. 

The security system can be managed locally, remotely, or through automated scripts. The main task is to install CCTV cameras with sensors and combine them into one system under the control of a monitor, which will be responsible for passive and active security options for the facility.

In addition to active protection, the issues of logging and fixing the protected area are also important to resolve, video recording is carried out in streaming mode with saving to cloud services.

2. Smart Lighting

One of the fundamental aspects of home automation is working with lighting. Smart lighting is what any owner would like to see in their apartment. Lighting control affects multiple choices of light sources – from LED strips and spotlights to large-scale chandeliers. Lighting control in the house can be implemented in various ways. Еhe first possible way is control from an access point (touch panel, computer, or mobile phone). The second way is the ability to configure the work on the motion sensor, (the light turns on when you approach any room and turns off when you leave), by a sound sensor (turning on the light by clapping your hands), or by the level of natural light in the morning or evening hours.

3. Climate systems

The implementation of the indoor microclimate is achieved by various engineering solutions, each of which is relevant for a specific task. You can get centralized and remote control of all climate systems in the house through a single interface convenient for you. This made it possible to automatically maintain all rooms within the range of specified temperatures, humidity, and air purity, which is important.

The following three vivid examples of home automation show you the level of comfort you can get dealing with such essential living conditions. To reach the best possible result while planning any changes for your abode, you need to understand what you really need. The second critical part of planning is your budget: you should understand how much are you ready to allocate for this purpose. 

The benefits you can receive finally are really impressive. The possibility of remote access to all engineering systems via the Internet plays a considerable role for every homeowner. Thanks to the integration of the main systems of a house or apartment through modern information technology, the key devices, and infrastructure systems of the house will be able to communicate with each other on an integrated basis, which primarily implies convenience and control for the end-user.