Making a new video ad for your business?

Whether you’ll put it in front of videos on YouTube or as a marketing post on social media, you’ll want to add a jingle. Music for ads makes or breaks the viewing experience, after all, but how do you pick the right song?

Fret no further because we’ve got several tips right here for you. Read our guide below to learn how to choose music for ads and the options that make the process easier:

Set the Tone

Keep in mind that the best music for ads sets the tone early on. Your choice of music will let the audience know if it’s a serious ad, something funny, or light-hearted. The song choice can help the audience tell if this is a formal ad or something casual. 

This means the early portion of your song choice needs to establish things quickly. Set the tone right out of the gate. 

Mind the Pace

Songs for ads also determine the pace. A slow video can suddenly feel rushed and out of place if the song choice has a fast tempo and beat. Your video editor might also unconsciously edit visuals to go with the beat of the song.

This means a fast song might create a marketing video ad too fast for people to pay attention. A slow song might not suit a happy and upbeat visual. Make sure the song you pick establishes the tone you want to deliver with the visuals and message of your ad.

Emotional Direction

Did you know that music can affect a person’s mood? A simple song choice can make someone feel happy or sad without them even understanding how or why. The uncertainty in a song can trigger pleasure in the brain and the lyrics or beat can make someone feel happy or excited. 

Is your marketing ad supposed to make someone feel excited about a new product? Pick a jingle that has a strong build-up. A song with heavy bass and a slower rhythm can be a great choice for a sexy cologne and a light whistle-heavy jingle can go along with a breakfast ad.

Avoid Distracting the Audience

Your song should play with people’s moods and minds on a subconscious level. You don’t want an advertising song that overpowers the visuals or the narration. It might distract people from the main point of your marketing effort.

This means avoiding songs that could get too loud or chaotic for the audience to follow. 

If you want to use a heavy rock song, make sure the video editor tones the volume down during portions where there is narration. Increase the volume only to make a statement and boost visual impact. This will help draw attention to a certain part of the ad instead of taking it away. 

Length and Timing

When learning how to pick advertising music, keep in mind that the music needs to match the length and timing of your marketing ad. You may have to cut and splice the song to better suit the video. You can also do things the other way — pick a song that sets the tone and pace you want and then create the visuals and script around the jingle. 

Either way, you’ll want a song that isn’t too long. Most ads are only half a minute long. This ensures people won’t get too annoyed whenever the same ad pops up and they’ll watch it from beginning to end. 

Catchy Earworm

Do you want your marketing efforts to catch on with the masses? Take advantage of viral marketing then. This refers to tactics that make people want to share, discuss, and remember marketing pieces such as videos or songs.

Certain songs can become catchy, viral earworms and those are the ones you’ll want to use. 

Who can forget jingles like McDonald’s “Lovin’ It” and the tunes used for Apple ads? Focus on songs that people can identify even from the first few notes. These types of songs will stay in their heads long after they’ve seen your ads and this will help them think and remember the product or service you’re advertising. 

Know Where to Look

Don’t grab any song you find on YouTube. You could run into copyright issues and may have to pay legal fees.

At the same time, you don’t want to use any random license-free song you come across. YouTube has a library of free songs but many people already use them. Your video ad won’t stand out and people might make fun of your content for using an overused jingle.

Instead, use license-free or affordable music made specifically for marketing purposes. Now you’ll come across libraries of songs designed with the previous notes already in mind. Check out vast libraries like the ones available at Comma Music to find the right tune for your needs. 

Building From Scratch

Of course, if you have the resources, one other option is to hire someone to compose a song specifically for your marketing piece. This will cost the most but there are a few benefits to this option.

First, you get to keep the license for the song. You paid for it and published it, therefore you can file for ownership and copyright. Second, you also get the bragging rights because no one else can use that song for their ads unless they pay you for it. 

Choose the Best Music for Ads Today

Now you know how to pick the right music for ads! It’s not as simple as choosing a random song that makes you feel good. You have to consider the tone, mood, pace, and length of the jingle and how these all relate to the video ad. 

You also need to consider where you get the song and whether or not it’s better to pick from a library of music made for ads or to compose one yourself. 

Of course, picking the song is only the beginning. Learn more about making the best marketing ads by checking out our other posts right here. Discover how to edit ads and how to come up with viral marketing ideas today!


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