How to Personalize Your Marijuana Dabbing Experience

Dabbing is a cost-effective way to experience a long-lasting high. Dabs are very concentrated. So, a little will go a long way. What makes dabbing even more fun is how you can personalize the experience.

 Here are some fun dabbing accessories you can use to upgrade your smoke session.

Dab Torch

Concentrates require high heat for 10-20 seconds. Using a standard cigarette lighter might not apply enough heat to activate your dab. Plus, you can burn your thumb while holding the ignition button.

A torch provides a directional flame for extended periods. It allows you to control how much concentration you use per session. Plus, a torch creates adequate distance between the flame and the dab user’s finger!

Quartz Banger 

A quartz banger is the best friend of any dab user. It has a little bucket where you put the concentrates. Light the banger with a torch to combust your concentrate. The concentrate will produce vapor that will rush through a hole in the basin and into a joint that connects to your dab rig.

It’s important that get a quartz banger that’s the right sex and size for your dab rig. You can also choose quartz bangers that come at various angles. 

When in doubt, a 90-degree quartz banger is a solid choice. It creates enough distance between the torch and rig, making it easier to manipulate for newer users. 

Reclaim Catchers

Dabs have a sticky consistency that is reminiscent of honey or beeswax. Once heated, they can get even messier to clean. Reclaimer catchers are a miracle for those who hate cleaning their oil rigs. 

These dab accessories catch excess wax from heated concentrates. It’s not scorched leftover wax that contains ash or tar. Instead, it’s lightly activated cannabis wax that’s good for another round.

Reclaim catchers sit between the heating element and joint. This positioning actually protects your joint from wear and tear. It also collects extra wax that would otherwise go to waste. 

Collect your reclaim by placing the dirty piece in isopropyl alcohol. Shake it up and scrape out any residue. Remove the reclaim catcher and allow the alcohol to evaporate. You can expedite the process on a hot plate. However, don’t eat alcohol on an open flame!

Carb Caps

Enhance your dabbing experience with this handy tool. Carb caps are ideal for those who want to relax with a long dabbing session.

Place a carb cap over your quartz banger once the concentrate starts smoking. Carb caps create a nice suction that helps maintain heat on the quartz banger. 

It also prevents air from circulating, which can intensify the heat. Ultimately, this reaction will degrade the flavor of your concentrate. A carb cap will help keep the dab ignited at a low temperature, which will preserve the flavor and be easier on the lungs. 

Concentrate Containers

Preserve the flavor and potency of your dabs by storing them in an airtight container. A concentrate container is a great way to trap in the scent of previously vaped wax. It also allows you to travel with your concentrates with ease. 

These containers also come in handy when preparing for a dab session. They provide a space to break up your concentrates without fear of losing little pieces in carpet fibers. 

Dab Tools

Since concentrates are so potent, you won’t need a lot to get you high each session. Concentrates come in many forms, such as rocks, crystals, or wax. You will need a tool to help break your concentrates up and place them on your quartz banger.

Dab tools tend to have a little shovel on their end. These will make large concentrates into more manageable pieces. You can also use the shovel end to help scoop your concentrates onto the banger. 

Dab Straws

Dab straws are the best on-the-go dabbing accessories. Light your concentrate in a glass dish with a torch. Then, hover your straw over the combusted dab. You will quickly suck up delicious vapors from your concentrate. 

Some dab straws have a heated tip. These are ideal for travel because you won’t need a torch. Depending on your budget, some dab straws come with multiple voltage settings so that you can customize them to match your flavor preferences. You could also try west coast cure for best experience in your lifestyle. 

Dabbing is a personal experience. You can personalize it even more with the right accessories. Try a bunch of different dab accessories out to see which ones work best for your smoking sessions!