How to Pass the EEI Tech Test

The EEI is the body that represents every US investor-owned electric company, and it maintains the tests that all of them are required to use for their hiring process. The tests are specially tailored to measure the skills and strengths that are essential to a particular job role. These include problem-solving, math, spatial awareness and technical and mechanical comprehension.

EEI tests are mainly used to identify the suitability of candidates for industrial jobs within the energy industry, including power plant operators and maintenance personnel. This is because these are highly skilled and complex jobs that require a lot of experience to perform correctly.

Aside from EEI tests, employers also use psychometric tests to evaluate candidates’ mental agility. These types of tests are designed to assess how well a candidate can work under pressure, which is an important part of the recruitment process.

You can improve your chances of passing the EEI Tech test by doing some prep and taking an EEI MASS practice test. They are usually available online and will give you an idea of what to expect when it comes to the real thing.

Reading Comprehension EEI Test

In this section of the EEI test, you’ll be asked to read extracts from sample energy company manuals and then answer questions about them. The test will be a quick-fire type of assessment, so it’s important to know how to interpret the text and quickly solve any problems that arise.

Filing and Sorting EEI Test

In the filing and sorting section of the test, you’ll be given one minute to file paperwork (or other items) in the appropriate category. You’ll then have five minutes to answer four questions related to the file.

Basic Mathematics EEI Test

You’ll need to be familiar with basic math functions such as addition, subtraction and multiplication. You’ll also need to know how to apply mathematical formulas to word-based problems. This should take around 25 minutes to complete, so be sure to prepare for this section of the EEI test.

Using Tables and Coding EEI Test

In the coding section, you’ll be asked to use tables to find the solution to a set of problems. This will be a fast-paced test and so you’ll need to be able to quickly recall the numbers that are listed in the tables.

EEI TECH Always Online

Our support team is always online, so feel free to ask your queries to them. They are competent Technician Occupations Selection System Test professionals and will be able to help you with any queries that you might have.

It’s important to be prepared for the EEI Tech Test, so make sure that you practice it regularly and that you have access to a good study guide and a good EEI tech practice test. These will help you to become more confident in answering the questions and overcoming any snags along the way. You can also look at online forums to see what other people have found helpful during their EEI Tech test preparation.